FREE Shipping!!!

Just in time for the holidays I saw this article in about the importance of free shipping!

My wife and I have split our holiday shopping between local area stores and online vendors, but one thing that’s been consistent has been that any online retail purchases have been accompanied with FREE shipping. Whether it was a coupon or part of a preferred service (, and a limited time offer (LL or as part of the purchase ( we have received FREE shipping of our purchase to our door.

I try to offer free shipping with my pin orders, and wherever else possible. I know when you are factoring costs it’s nice to not need to ask, “What other charges are there?”.
Granted, we ship a lot of products to a lot of places around the globe, and sometimes expedited services mean a premium to the cost of freight, but it never hurts to ask!
By the way….My Christmas card:

5×7 Folded Card
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