Pinsource Provides Products for Red Ribbon Week

Red Wrist bands

Every October, the United States observes Red Ribbon Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence problems. The goal is to prevent these problems from occurring and to educate people about how these problems can be overcome and where they can go to seek help if they are affected by these issues.

The week is generally signified by the color red. Red ribbons, wristbands and other products are displayed as a sign of solidarity with the message of Red Ribbon Week.

The history of Red Ribbon Week dates back to 1985, when an undercover DEA agent in Guadalajara, Mexico was kidnapped, tortured and eventually murdered. His work allowed for the discovery of millions of dollars worth of narcotics being manufactured and distrubted in the region. More agents were lost during the infiltration of the drug enterprise. After the situation was controlled and people across the world were exposed to the violent world of drug trafficking, citizens in the home town of one of the men who was murdered displayed red ribbons in his honor. This ribbon soon became a nationwide symbol of drug abuse and violence prevention.

At Pinsource, we provide Red Ribbon Week wristbands to organizations that observe the week. These 100% quality silicone wristbands allow you to promote the week’s message while saving money on the costs you’d pay for similar products elsewhere.

You have three different options when ordering your Red Ribbon Week wristbands:

  • Use two standard messages (“Drug Free and Proud” or “I Am Drug Free”) and display them on wristbands in either the color red or in camouflage pattern.
  • Use one of the two standard messages in your own custom colors.
  • Create your own custom message related to Red Ribbon Week and choose your own color.

While the color red is most popular for products related to Red Ribbon Week, some people choose the third option so that they can display their message throughout the entire year.

For more information about these products or about Red Ribbon Week, we encourage you to contact us today at Pinsource. Order now to be prepared when Red Ribbon Week rolls around.