Tips from Fort Orange Wine Society on Starting Your Own Wine Tasting Group

wine-tastingYou don’t have to be an expert to enjoy wine, and getting together with a group of friends can be a fun way to explore different flavors of your favorite wine region.Wine tasting groups are certainly growing in popularity and what better way to enjoy the summer than  getting together with a group of friends to share a common interest.  The group can start at the ground level and grow together, learning and loving the taste of wines.

Here are some tips from the Fort Orange Wine Society on starting a simple group for a hands-on approach to learning about wine and gaining confidence in making wine selections.

1. Select people with the same degree of interest and commitment.

2. Prior to starting, have some discussion about goals — to explore new areas, learn about the grapes, study countries or other interests. You might do geographic areas, like Italy, France, or New Zealand.

3. Decide how often you will meet and how many people will be the maximum in the group.

4. Have some idea of whether this is strictly tasting wine for wine’s sake or social in nature. Along with that, talk about whether food is an inWineSocietytegral part of the club.

5. Decide how the wine will be selected and purchased choose a theme and purchases the wines and split the total.

6. Last but not least, come up with a little design or logo you can put on a pin or perhaps even a wine glass!

Most importantly remember: No one way is the “right” way; this is, ultimately, about friendship, learning, and having fun. Therefore, be sure to have fun and enjoy drinking good wine with good company.

In addition, long-time groups looking for ideas should think about new concepts: tasting the same wine in different glasses or the same type of wine, but from different countries. Truly, when it comes to wine, there is always something new to try.

Have a wine club or group you’d like to design a lapel pin for? Let us know! If you don’t yet have a logo we can talk you through a design that best suits your needs. If you need something quickly or last minute, have a look at our 5-day Quick Pin option for fast turnaround!

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