This is the first of weekly entries about PinSource, our people and the product we sell everyday.

My first memory of lapel pins was in the late 1950’s with my dad collecting political campaign pins (among his many collecting favorites). The Kennedy/Nixon campaign was the beginning. As a rare book librarian he collected a variety of things that including mystery novels, stamps and even butterflies and sherry glasses.

It all begins with the design!

Usually, a client already has the first component in the design process with the organization or business logo. The next step is to add the text or a graphic that helps describes the reason for the lapel pin. They simply need help putting all that together into a graphic design. This is one area where PinSource excels; developing creative designs that fit the customers budget, time line and purpose.

For many customers seeing actual pin styles in there hands is a real benefit. PinSource has available a custom lapel pin sample card. It offers very clear descriptions with examples of the standard types of lapel pins. This is sent free of charge along with our full color catalog upon requests.

When thinking about the design for a custom lapel pin ask …
1. Who will receive the lapel pins?
2. What is the purpose of giving the lapel pin?
3. Should local icons or monuments be included in the design?
4. For baseball trading pins, should the design include crossed baseball bats or players numbers?

The process to create the custom design can be a matter of minutes to several days. Its not uncommon to have have several revisions before the final option is approved. This is part of customer service at PinSource. We’re the only lapel pin company with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back pledge!

For retail customers and souvenir shops we’ve designed entire series of products around a central theme that can include custom lapel pins, key chains, magnets and patches.

Next weeks posting will be on the many styles of custom lapel pins and why one style maybe better choice than another.