Irene’s Impact

Thank you so much to everyone for their concern. Our office here in Vermont was very fortunate and did not sustain any damage from Hurricane Irene. (Maybe it’s the irony of our address on Hurricane Lane?)

The same cannot be said for much of the rest of the state and our thoughts and prayers go out to our neighbors. Often times the toughest of circumstance brings about the best in our fellow friends and we are witnessing that now as we are rallying to support our neighbors.

In lighter news, I am going to be one of the new “go-to” blog posters for PinSource. I’ll hope to provide you with both a little insight into the people behind the phones, emails, designs, as well as some tips and experiences from our work here.

This photo was taken from this CNN article:

Peggy Schorle took this photo of flooding at Tweed River and Route 100 in Pittsfield, Vermont, Sunday afternoon.

Pins: An Overview

As you read with my previous blog, the world of lapel pins is much more complex and intriguing than what initially meets the eye. The term “lapel pins” can be a bit deceiving as it covers a lot of ground.  On top of conventional non precious metal pins, we sell 10k, 14k, 1/10k Gold filled and solid Sterling Silver lapel pins.

We sell to a multitude of civic organizations like Lions Clubs, Rotary, the Masons as well as many others. We sell to most, if not all of the Fortune 500 companies. When you travel to theme parks such as Disney, Universal Studios, or restaurants like Planet Hollywood, you can see our wide range of lapel pins being worn by a multitude of employees and visitors. Companies like Disney have huge pin collecting and trading societies, and their followers truly desire their pins. Many of the pins are large, multi-layered and incredibly beautiful.

Pins really come in all shapes and sizes, and every order is unique to its customer. You can send us your own artwork, or we can make the art ourselves. There is an infinite amount of possibilities of things you can do with pins.

And we’re always finding new ways to express ourselves. SUI has many different business ventures, but the most intriguing as of late, is our brand new bag company. The company has just started, but is working its way up to the top, much like the other SUI brands. They sell various bags from existing manufacturers as well as our own line of vintage, nautical canvas and leather bags, designed by us. Check us out at

There are so many different aspects to my job here at PinSource. One day I’m selling pins to a local company down the road, and the next I am selling ones with my favorite Disney characters with a beautiful glossy finish. We are a company with over 20 years of high quality success, and we continue that level of quality and success with our new brands and business ventures!

If you have any questions about anything pin related don’t hesitate to call or email me. My email is and my phone number is (802) 878-9288.

How I Became a PinMan

If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be selling lapel pins today, I would have told them they were crazy.  Yet here I am, a genuine PinMan.  But to really understand, how and why I became a PinMan, I’ll have to start from the beginning.

It really all started 15 years ago, when I built my own house with my wife Becky, in a small town in Vermont. It was a quiet neighborhood with not many people around. It wasn’t until I was running one day, that I made my first friend in the neighborhood. Her name was Cali—a beautiful, three-legged, Chesapeake Bay Retriever. But don’t let the three legs fool you, this dog could run! After a few initial growling and barking incidents, Cali and I quickly became fast friends, and she took my wife and I under her wing. She ran with me every single day, and even with her three legs, she could beat me in any race. I really owe where I am today to her, for she was the one who introduced me to her family, and more important introduced me to Rob—the one who introduced me to the world of pins.

Coincidently, Rob and I had both previously worked in the petroleum industry. We actually worked for the same company, but at different times. We quickly became fast friends, much like Cali and I. We went on long runs and bike rides all together, and discovered the many similar interests we shared with each other. Rob had started his own pin business prior to meeting me, and shared with me all that he knew about it. He had just started his own company, PinSource and invited me to help him grow his business. I gladly accepted.

Me in my office at PinSource

So, here I am at PinSource, the company started by my neighborhood friends. The company on a larger scale, is actually called SUI International Inc., a multi faceted business, that lapel pins (PinSource) take a vital role in. We offer a complete line of related products such as key chains, custom made jewelry, Challenge Coins for the Military, as well as any kind of promotional product you can think of. And if we don’t have it, we can make it! We even have our sourcing company in Hong Kong, Sino Express, where we can really make anything. So if you can think of it, we can create it.

I have a lot of fun in the pin business, and I’m happy to be a part of it. I not only take pride in the products that I am selling, but my job itself. It’s something that I never would have pictured myself doing, but I’m glad that I am. I’ve learned a lot about the pin industry, and realized that there is much more to it than what initially meets the eye. With each new sale I make, I learn one more thing about the pin world, as well as the world of business. There’s always something new and exciting going on, and I look forward to sharing more about my pin ventures and experiences here on this blog.

So feel free to contact me, Vini Sassone, a genuine PinMan. My email address is and my phone number is 800-678-9288.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you.



Embossed Soft Enamel lapel pins

Embossed soft enamel pins.

Of the 3 styles of enamel custom lapel pins the soft enamel style pins are the most polular and widely purchased. This is particularly true for those customers buying trading pins for youth sports teams and challenge teams. Team trading pins are popular for all ages of youth sports as well as organizations such as Destination Imagination and Odessey of the Mind.

We find particularly baseball and softball teams like large pins with lots of colors, a team mascot (dragons, snakes, tigers, bears….) and the city or town where the team is from. We’ve even supplied unique pins for each member of the team by incorporating there signature in the pin. Softball teams like glitter and lots of it. Destination Imagination teams like complicated designs with several pieces that nest together to form a larger image. These can have chains that connect or have multiple pieces that dangle from a main pin.

Our long history of designing custom lapel pins over the past 25 years has given PinSource a huge advantage over some of the newer companies supplying pins. Our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently create designs usually in less than 24 hours. We know how to design custom lapel pins! It just as simple as that. We are the only company that offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!