Gone Phishin’

Well, not me, but plenty of other people are planning to head over to the Champlain Valley Fair Grounds this afternoon to take part in a special benefit concert. Local troubedor band Phish is playing tonight to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Irene here in Vermont.

(news story on concert from Burlington Free Press)

I still have a few lapel pin orders to handle and I’ll be burning the midnight oil trying to take care of both the orders and the designs for some of you. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out a way to add some recognition to an already existing design. Tricky, but part of what I enjoy about working here; every day is a new project! I have to say, the hard enamel process gives me the most flexibility. It’s our nicest process and allows me more options than embossed or printed pins.

Art mock-ups in the work for customer

It’s important to note – we can start with just about any artwork, even a sketch that you fax over! We have some very skilled artists who we will work with to create a virtual proof and make sure you like what you see. Worried you can’t sketch, Google images is your friend! Search for whatever you want and just send the saved image to us – we can even make changes!

Now back to my designs and pin orders (and a lanyard order, too – you know we make lanyards, right? 🙂 and my Green Mountain Coffee!

Photos from Irene

A submerged garage and vehicles just outside Waterbury, VT. (Full resolution photo available of this photos and others at link at the bottom)

We’ll get back to discussing custom lapel pins and lanyards, patches, coins, etc. But I had a friend send me this link to high resolution photos of the destruction caused by Irene here in Vermont. They really are breathtaking.

All photos are from Lars Gange & Mansfield Heliflight

Click here to view photos in new tab/window

PinSource Volunteer Aids in Irene Relief

Glenn Russell/Burlington Free Press/AP Firefighter Mandy Drake clears a storm drain in front of the fire department in Waterbury, Vt., in the wake of tropical storm Irene.

My colleague Vini left work early on Friday in an applauded effort of community spirit and civic awareness. Many areas of Vermont are still recovering from the initial effects of Hurricane Irene, coupled with continued rain and thunderstorms hampering both the relief efforts and the natural “drying out of things” (that’s my technical term for it).

I helped Vini take care of some of his pin orders and lapel pin designs, and he drove back to his town of Waterbury, Vermont to volunteer in the local clean-up efforts. I had emailed him about a pin order and that night he sent this email in reply,

Thanks Matt. I worked downtown for about 8 hours yesterday.  You cannot believe the disaster on Main and the residential streets of Waterbury. Every home and car is trashed.  It is rather gut wrenching and humbling at the same time. There were hundreds of volunteers, however, which is amazing.

Huge dumpsters everywhere and furniture and debris piled up everywhere.  I stopped at the Alchemist to chat with some people I know there and the building has been totally gutted right down to the basement. It is a rebuild from the basement up, but they plan on opening up again in a few months.

I’m also not sure how long it will be before people can live in their homes again. The fumes from overturned [heating] oil tanks are dangerous; the HazMat companies are pumping out basements as fast as they can, but it will be months for these people, too. And of course, very few have flood insurance. But FEMA was there yesterday so that ball is rolling.

Count your blessings, as they are many!


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