PinSource Celebrates its 27th Anniversary in the Custom Lapel Pin Business


The PinSource Story

April will mark the 27th year PinSource has been in the custom lapel pin business. During that time, we’ve designed lapel pins for companies big and small. The pins we design are made to be both collectable and highly recognizable, and we make sure that our customers get the greatest value possible out of our high-quality products

A division of SUI International, Ltd., a company that works to build brands and enhance corporate images worldwide, PinSource is committed to helping our customers put their best “face” forward. In addition to its internal branding divisions, SUI has close operational ties to suppliers of all sorts of branding materials. SUI and PinSource are fully devoted to their clientele’s promotions, and have the global resources to bring the results you need—regardless of the industry or the type of brand your represent.

Our custom lapel pins add resonance to company branding efforts through three important features: they are small and easily worn, they are eye catching and they help forge a strong recognition of branding images. Also, lapel pins add the commonly missing human element to corporate branding efforts. Instead of perceiving a corporation as a faceless entity, lapel pins allow customers to associate brand logos with the individuals wearing them.

PinSource has grown to become an internationally renowned manufacturer of lapel pins, with offices and locations across the globe. We maintain close connections to the manufacturing and distributing ends of our operation, making sure that our customers get their orders filled in exactly the manner and time frame expected.

Our list of clients has included some of the largest brands in the world, as well as some of the smallest businesses. We work to provide the greatest level of satisfaction to all of our customers, no matter the size of the order.

At PinSource, we want to help your branding and promotional efforts, whether you are ordering from us as an individual or as a corporate entity. We create custom lapel pins for all sorts of occasions, including sports pins, recognition pins, years of service pins, promotional pins or any other event or occasion in which you might need to create a pin. At PinSource, your satisfaction matters!

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The Detail and Precision Offered by Die Struck Lapel Pins



Die struck lapel pins are the perfect way to incorporate a great level of detail and precision into your pin design. The perfection that can be achieved through the die stamping process can convey a great deal of intricacy without the image appearing too cluttered. This is because the three-dimensional quality of the metal allows the eye to distinguish between the finer elements in the image, making it clearer than a two-dimensional representation.


The fact that die struck lapel pins are three dimensional creates some interesting shading options. The finish on these pins may vary with the depth of the stamping, creating a heightened illusion of relief and bringing out the detail of your design even further. Most often, the deeper areas are given an antiqued finish, while the shallower areas take on a high polish. Combined with the three-dimensional quality of the metal, the finish embellishes the difference between the depths of material, which gives finished lapel pins much finer detail.


The die stamping process is fairly simple and straightforward. A die is created bearing an inverted relief version of the final image, which is stamped into your choice of metal. The die presses the inverted image into the metal, leaving an imprint of the final image.


Die stamping is preferred over other methods of creating custom lapel pins, as many other processes, like cloisonné, require the metal to have a rather high lead content. Not only is it unhealthy to have continuous contact with lead, but it is also a very heavy metal, which can distress clothing when worn. Die struck lapel pins can be made out of a wider range of lead-free metals, making them comfortable and safe for any purpose.


Die struck lapel pins make for an excellent way to celebrate special occasions. At PinSource, we can create pins for any type of event, including sports pins, recognition pins, years of service pins or promotional giveaway items. Whatever sort of die struck pin you require, PinSource is where you can turn.

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St. Patrick’s Day: Let’s all holler for the shamrock lapel pin on my collar

Stylish & Green!

St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away.  It’s one of my favorite holidays for sure: it’s essentially a day for all things green and lots of partying .  Forget Christmas: from green clothing to green beer and even rivers dyed, green it seems like everyone in every city is trying to embody this holiday’s spirit. If you haven’t started planning what you’re doing yet, you better get started, because you’re running out of time!


If you ask me, the perfect St. Patrick’s Day ensemble is necessary to ensure your day will be a great success.  A sturdy green plastic hat, leftover green Mardi Gras beads, and a basic green t-shirt are the tried and true classics that can be found in most of our closets for this once yearly celebration,


But how about a St. Patrick’s Day lapel pin?  It’s definitely the accessory that will elevate your outfit to the next level. That little lapel pin will be the jewel of your crown, the piece de résistance that no one else is rocking. Your good time gateway will be instantly opened through copious trade offers for your shamrock lapel pin.   After a full day of festivities, it’s sure to become an invaluable bartering piece when you’re out of cash and hankering for one more Guinness.  Having one of these shamrock pins on hand is sure to give pin trading a whole new meaning.


Give Pinsource a call today so we can help you help yourself this St. Patty’s Day! We offer a wide range of in stock products  and also offer custom lapel pins, lanyards, magnets and just about anything else you might want to celebrate in style.