Great Items for Collectors from Pinsource

VT City Marathon Pins


There are collectors for just about everything you can think of these days. At Pinsource, we create several items in particular that have become very common as collector items, which adds some extra value to the items that we create. While most of the people who order from us are placing their orders for business, organizational or marketing purposes, having that added benefit of collectability certainly is nice!

Here are some types of items we design and create that are commonly collected. Consider handing these out at your next trade show or event:

  • Coins. Coins have been a collectable item for hundreds of years. Today, people collect a wide variety of coins, including specialty coins, foreign coins and coins that are no longer in circulation. We create coins for corporate, military and other purposes, and can create them in standard or custom shapes depending on the type of design you want. Collectors are certain to appreciate the variety we provide
  • PVC coasters. Coasters are a particularly popular collectible with people who have bars in their home. We create PVC coasters with unique designs for your company or organization that are colorful, resistant and appealing. These are great promotional items that collectors are certain to want to grab!
  • Magnets. Just about everyone knows at least one person who has a refrigerator or filing cabinet covered in magnets. That speaks to how effective magnets are as a marketing tool; people want to take them home and collect them. We make magnets in aluminum, acrylic or metal in a variety of shapes and designs to fit your needs.
  • Ornaments. Ornaments are a particularly popular giveaway during the holiday season, and people are always looking for new ornaments to add to their Christmas tree. You can have custom ornaments made using our etched process or from cast, and can customize the look of the ornament with company colors, logos or unique shapes.

If you run a company or organization, take advantage of the natural tendency people have to become collectors with these particularly collectible items. Contact us today for more information or to place your order; we look forward to working with you!

Custom Name Badges from Pinsource

Custom Badges by Pinsource

Custom Badges by Pinsource

Pinsource has much more to offer than just its variety of lapel pins; we also are a wholesale supplier of custom name badges! These badges are great to use at trade shows, events, corporate gatherings, meetings or any other event you have where you are getting to know others for the first time.

Currently, our best deal with name badges is with the great-looking and affordable Anodized Aluminum Name Badge. When you order as few as 100 of these name badges, our special offer is you can get free set up and a free “in stock” program. You get a screen-printed logo on your name badge, a laser-engraved name and a quick turnaround on your order, all at an affordable price. There are many styles and finishes available.

Of course, there are other options available to our name badge customers as well. Here are a few of the different types of badges we have to offer:

  • Cavity left. The main logo or design is featured on the left side of the badge, with the name and position on the right.
  • Cavity top. The main logo or design is put onto the top of the badge, with most of the badge reserved for the name.
  • Laser enamel. A brass badge stamped with soft enamel.
  • Laser enamel with printing. A brass badge stamped with soft enamel and a printed design.
  • Printed brass. A .8mm thick brass badge with a printed design.
  • Magnet/safety pin back. Add a magnet or safety pin to the back of the badge to make it easy to affix.

The process for ordering these badges is simple. All you need to do is choose the style of your badge and the type of plating that you want to use, and then you can send us in your logo and we will get right to work. Our professional designers take it from there!

For more information about our custom name badges, we encourage you to contact us today at Pinsource. We look forward to working with you!

A Brief History of Lapel Pins

Live Free or Die Hard Enamel Lapel Pin


Many organizations and individuals come to Pinsource to create their own unique lapel pins. But how did these pins get to become a traditional accessory and means of recognition? The answer stretches back many hundreds of years.

Though it is unknown who actually created the original lapel pins, what we do know is that a key design process often used for these pins known as “inlaying” was extremely popular during the 13th century in China. At the time, Chinese artists and craftsmen created fired enamelware items during the Yuan Dynasty. This process became even more popular during the Xuan De period of 1426-2435,which coincided with the reign of Emperor Zhu Qiyu. Relics of small yet ornate enamelware products greatly resembling pins have been found from those periods.

You could even make an argument that lapel pins date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, who (as far as we know) invented the process of inlaying. The Egyptians would inlay colorful and ornate enamel materials on top of a (usually copper) base, and then secure those layers together using soldered wire. This technique dates back to 1800 BC.

By the 13th century BC, the Greeks had put their own spin on the inlaying process, using colorful powdered glass to fill cells that were made by soldered wire. They would then put the pieces into a fire to produce beautifully decorative objects.

We have also previously written about the history of lapel pins as worn by soldiers during battle as unit markers. This practice began during the Revolutionary War and continued through World War I and the Civil Rights area. Today, many politicians and political supporters wear lapel pins during important rallies. You will rarely see the President or other politicians without an American Flag lapel pin when giving an address, or without a campaign pin when out advertising their campaign during election season.

Today, pins are used for a wide variety of reasons, but the trend is nothing new. They have a deeply rooted history in all corners of the world.

Contact us today if you’re interested in having custom-made pins designed for your organization!