What Do Different Wristband Colors Mean?

Silicon Wrist Band


Silicone wristbands are an inexpensive and trendy option to help raise awareness and funds for particular causes. What many people might not realize is that a majority of the time, the colors used in the wristband have particular meanings to them. Therefore, even if you can’t see any of the writing on the wristband from a distance, the color of the band should clue you in to what the band means.

Here are a few of the common colors you’ll see on wristbands and what they mean:


  • Yellow: Livestrong/support our troops. These wristbands are basically what kicked off the trend of awareness wristbands. The Livestrong charity was started by cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was well-known for overcoming testicular cancer en route to winning seven consecutive Tour de France titles. These bracelets benefit cancer charities and research and encourage cancer awareness. Yellow can also occasionally be used as a twist on the yellow ribbon, a sign of support for United States armed forces.
  • Orange: Livefree. Orange wristbands encourage awareness of the dangers that are inherent smoking tobacco. Everyone knows someone who smokes or has smoked, and these orange wristbands encourage awareness of the damage that tobacco can cause to a person’s body.
  • Purple: Celebrate Hope. Purple wristbands are worn as a memorial for anyone who has lost their life to cancer. Many charities such as Relay for Life and Relay for a Cause use these bands at their events.
  • Red: Courage band. The color red in wristbands signifies awareness of people hiving with HIV or AIDS. It is meant to be a symbol of hope that a cure can be found.
  • Black and white: anti-racism. These unique crossover bands are worn by people who want to show solidarity among races, particularly in an age where racism sadly seems to be on the rise in America.
  • Pink: breast cancer awareness. Pink is widely known as being the color of breast cancer awareness, and that holds true in the world of wristbands.


If you are ordering wristbands to show support for a certain cause, consider these colors, and feel free to talk with us more about the significance of any other color you may choose. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today to see how we can help!