Specialty Card Stock to Enhance Your Next Lapel Pin Order

Specialty cardstock is a fun added feature you might consider when you order your lapel pins. Not only does it give you a memorable way to display the pins you plan to sell, it also allows you to relay additional information that’s too long to include on the front of a pin. This can be your business name, address, phone number, website, andgirls gotta the run hours of operation, a poem, a quote or a saying. You can even put your business or organization’s mission statement on the card stock. The right words can have the power to move a person. That’s why the message can be as important as the artwork we create for your order of custom lapel pins.

Custom lapel pins  with specialty card stock is a wonderful promotional tool.  We can help you perfect your design so that it drives business your way. It’s also a  popular fundraising item and as an extra perk for a donation to your nonprofit. People can wear the lapel pin to show they supported your particular cause or event or fundraiser. If you’ve already hosted an event, how about sending a lapel pin with custom cardstock that has a quote or note of thanks.  This saves you time and gives the recipient of the card a feeling of genuine warmth and gratitude. They can wear your pin to show pride in supporting your cause or event.

CardstockLastly, card stock also allows recipients of the pins to have a safe place to store and display their prized possessions. What better way to display and sell pins than with a unique type of packaging that shows off the memento’s attractive appearance and personal sentiment.

The possibilities and personalization opportunities are endless when it comes to customized cardstock. It’s a great way to get the word out about your products, services, and events and enhance the look and message of your lapel pin. If creating custom card stock that ties into the theme of your lapel pin is something you might consider contact us to hear more!