Choose Die Struck for Simple Elegance

Die Struck Lapel Pins are beautiful handcrafted pieces. In general they are identified by a raised and lowered metal look used with a simple design.They are classy and elegant without the use of any color. Sandblasting the metal can make images standout in addition to the contrast between the raised and lowered metal.  Our die struck lapel pins use a brass or copper base metal chosen for its softness to achieve a high quality stamping. You can select from one of our many plating choices and options to make your design truly unique.

Let’s look a little closer at the design of the die struck process and some  examples of how they are used:

Token of Recognition:  Add a synthetic stone, consecutive numbering, or any of our packaging options to create a perfect recognition pin.  The end product is something that a person can feel proud to wear and show off their achievements.


Logo and Branding:  The die struck process is most notable for its raised polished surface and recessed textured background, which can really make a logo look timeless and elegant. The textured background brings the smooth metal of the logo to the surface alowing it to (quite literaly) shine. Die-Cast works very well with certain timeless logos and translates to a very elegant piece for your employees to wear.

Anniversary Marker: People gravitate to die struck pins because of their density, durability, strength which makes them perfect to mark those employees who also exemplify these qualities. They represent a mark of distinction and pride and are a wonderful way to mark an anniversary for a special volunteer, teacher, or other employee.


How We do it  Part of the challenge of contemporary die-striking is that it requires extensive technical expertise and robust manufacturing capabilities.  Once a design has been finalized, we create a special die with your custom designed symbol. This die is then used to strike your design onto a copper or brass base metal. Copper and brass are soft enough for a sharp and detailed impression but durable for long-lasting use. A trimming tool is then used to cut out each die struck pin. Texturing is then applied to the pin, followed by the special polishing to create the contrasting to set off the raised images. After a final quality inspection, your custom designed die struck pins are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you.

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