The Morph Sac for the Eco-Conscious Shopper!

With plastics polluting our oceans, reusable bags are truly the way to shop these days. According to the EPA, between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. These bags are used for an average of 12 minutes, but they remain in our landfills, oceans, parks and beaches for thousands of years.

fish_morphsac_greenThe Morph sac is a relatively new customizable item for PinSource, and it’s already proved popular even amoung our staff! It is the perfect alternative to plastic bags while shopping, and the small ‘morph’ feature makes it easy to tuck away in your bag or purse. It’s as easy as unloading your groceries and folding the bag back down and returning to your bag or purse. Taking the worry about forgetting your bags when you’ve already walked in to the grocery store.

morphsac_sbrColors and themes vary, so customizing it to your organization or team is easy. You can choose from any sport theme which will collapse down in to the correlating ball from said sport. Or choose from other fun shapes such as: a heart, strawberry, or fish. The themed, mini pouch literally morphs into a large tote bag, with the outer pouch design becoming part of the larger bag. These make a perfect fundraising item or a fun handout at sports events , etc. They also make the perfect gift shop item for resale — chose a theme that works for your organization and add your logo; a great way to get your logo in the world  while simultaneously promoting Eco-friendly shopping habits.

In an effort to protect the environment and save money, individuals and businesses  have been making the switch to reusable bags. There is  a global movement away from disposable bags, and a shift to switch to environmentally friendly and cost-effective reusable bags. Our morph bags are the perfect contribution towards promoting reusable bag use, thus setting a global example for promoting BYOB (bring your own bag) behavior. The perfect plastic bag alternative that is so portable and affordable — keep it with you at all times when shopping, traveling, work, etc.

Interested in customizing these bags for your organization? Call us: 1800-678-9288 we’d be happy to place your order or answer any questions!