Celebrating Milestones

As a company we pride ourselves on not only the products we design and our customer service but first and foremost our employees. We think there is something to be said for longevity in a company and when the opportunity arises to celebrate those milestones, we take advantage. And, since we celebrated some wonderful milestones at our companies last month, we wanted to take this time to highlight two wonderful employees – Todd Harvey & Jennifer Lockwood – who celebrated milestones at SUI International companies. We caught up with both of them for a little Q&A about  what makes the company unique and why they’ve stayed and committed to company as long as they have.


How long have you worked at the company?

Todd: 25 years and counting!

Jen: I have worked at PinSource since I graduated college, way back in 2006, so 10 years. I started doing some marketing projects and sales as at the time. Now, I continue to sell pins, but I also do some management.

How did you find the position / decide to work for PinSource?

Todd: Just out of college in the old fashioned Classified’s on “REAL PAPER”, now I am dating myself!  It was one of my first and only interviews and it was a small company at the time where I could gain immediate experience and make a difference right away.

Jen: My lifelong best friend Jessica’s parents own PinSource. I grew up knowing more about pins and ad specialty products than the majority of kids. I have to admit, we did play with the pins and some promotional stuffed animals from time to time. As we got older, however, Jessica and I were guinea pigs for all different kinds of products, some that took off (like silicon wristbands) and some that didn’t (like phone showers, which were scented pieces of adhesive cork in the phone cradle to make it smell nice). So, when a job was available shortly after I graduated, it only seemed like a natural fit.

What’s your favorite memory during your tenure?

Todd: The frequent Friday afternoons with our team members… winding down after a busy week, visits from our China factory team, going to the Grateful Dead concert with Rob!

Jen: About a year after I started working on the Universal Studios account, the first Harry Potter park, Diagon Alley opened in Orlando. My colleague John and I were selected to work on a range of souvenir products for the attraction, and were invited to attend the grand opening. It was a black tie event with the red carpet, and all of the major cast members from the films made an appearance. The event was in the evening, and it was truly magical to see the Hogwarts castle there for the first time, lit up against the night sky. I will truly never forget it.

If you had to pick a favorite thing about your job/working at PinSource what would it be?

Todd: The many friendships I have gained with my distributer partners over the years!

Jen: I do really love my job, so I am going to give you four things. 1) My clients, who make coming to work engaging and challenging. 2) My colleagues, who are all kind, motivated and diligent. 3) My crazy miniature dachshunds, Lilly & Fonzie, who come to work with me everyday. 4) The world travel, which is always illuminating and inspiring.