5 Unique & Personal Groomsmen’s Gifts From PinSource


The groomsman gift is your way of saying thank you: for renting the tuxedo, ushering your Great Aunt down the aisle, and coming up with the perfect reception toast. These guys stood by your side through thick and thin and now they’ll stand by your side as you celebrate your big day. It goes without saying that a simple high-five and a hug just isn’t enough to show your appreciation. To show your gratitude for their help (and friendship), it’s much more customary to give each of them a giftlapelpin.

That is, however, no easy task. It can be hard to think of a classy gift your friends will actually like, and more difficult still, something they will actually use…

Perhaps a few things to think about when choosing a gift:
Is this something you wish you had, but could never picture buying for yourself?
Is this something they could use for themselves after the wedding is over?
Is this personal and classy enough to show how much you appreciate them?

Yes, a lot to consider. Well, luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of classy and personal gift suggestions that we think meet all the criteria.  Here are a few of our suggestions to show your groomsmen or any other special person taking part in the day, just how much you treasure them.

cufflinksCuff Links: A very classic and classy mens accessories and perhaps something your friends haven’t yet splurged on for themselves. Cuff links are a classy way to bring the group together and make for some fun photo ops as well.
Lapel Pins: These can be a very classic touch to bring you all together. Perhaps a symbol that is special to all of you or each persons initial? Or the ever trendy lapel pin flower boutonniere which are very hot right now and are a really fun touch on a suit or tux.
Tie Bars: You may not have thought of these at first but they are a perfect and subtle touch when a group wears them together. They can be personalized to each individual or one simple symbol to mark the day.
Money Clips: A lovely momento which can have a special something unique to each friend or relative. If you’re feeling even more generous tuck a little cash or a gift card in it as well!
Personalized Bottle Openers: Give these as a gift along side their favorite beer or your regions local brew make a fun and perfect gift.


Your groomsmen are your best buddies, guys who have been there for you through thick and thin. And on the most important day of your life, they’ll be there for you once again, standing by your side as you take the plunge. PinSource can help you design custom gifts your groomsmen will be excited about.

For the next couple weeks we will be focusing on wedding season personalized gifts. Be sure to follow our hashtag #PinSourceWedding for more fun tip coming soon.