Advice on Taking Your Suit to the Next Level From Our Friends at LGFG Fashion House

Wedding season is upon us and, for some, it can be a fashionably challenging time of the year. Wearing a suit is the simple part, but adding that extra character to your outfit or suit can seem daunting. Well-chosen accessories can make all the difference and can say that you care, that you have taste and style, and allow you to express a little individuality. Accessories can provide subtle touches that tie an outfit together in an impressive way.

To get some expert advice and guidance on the subject, we decide to reach out to our friend  Dimitry Toukhcher owner of LGFG Fashion House. He agreed to give us some tips on how to wear men’s accessories as well as some general advice on taking your suit to the next level during the wedding season.


PS: Can you over do it with accessories?  What do you suggest using together? What are no-nos to wear at the same time?

DT: I suppose you CAN overdo it with accessories when they become “tacky” so you have to read the situation. A younger associate in an office, for example, might want to think twice before upstaging someone more senior, so you don’t want to outdo your boss, but at the same time it’s good to dress for the position you want. Cufflinks are an absolute must.

PS: Here at PinSource we are fans of the lapel pin. Can you speak a little bit to how you might use a lapel pin as an accessory on a suit if you were heading to a wedding this summer?

DT: I could see custom wedding lapel pins not only being very thoughtful but also a great souvenir for after the wedding. Our company orders lapel pins as a way to build our culture.

PS: What about cufflinks? How do you recommend using these as part of a summer suit without going over the top? When are cuff link shirts appropriate and when are buttoned cuffs suitable?

10894899_1601634493381241_2001573540_aDT: There is no over the top with cufflinks- that’s kind of the point of cufflinks, they are meant to stand out. Cufflinks show that a man pays attention to detail and the more fancy ones are a sign of status – just like a watch. Going the extra mile for something more noticeable is a personality statement for lots of our clients. French cuff shirts which require cufflinks are always a good choice in a more formal setting, while button cuffs are for casual work and for grinding behind your desk.

PS:What is your personal favorite mens suit accessory?

DT: I consider shoes to be a suit accessory and they are definitely my favourite item to jazz up a suit. I have shoes ranging from dark blue to lavender and they match my suits perfectly -nobody else is doing it yet, but I predict it will e61b91c5a6be43f198146d26126f3ac4become a fashion trend in the next 5 years as more customization becomes available to the mass market.

PS:What is one thing a man can do to take his suit to the next level?

DT: This is easy. First of all, buy the most expensive suit you can afford. It really makes a difference. One great suit is better than 3 bad ones. Secondly, don’t go cheap on a shirt when you have a great suit. No point being in a Porche when the seats aren’t leather- the interior needs to match the exterior.

PS: Anything else you wish to include about mens fashion / style?

DT: You should check out LGFG, of course.

You can make it look easy by following a few simple style rules. Carefully chosen accessories will give you that extra edge you need to boost your style and confidence and take your suit to the next level.

Be sure to Visit LGFG online for beautiful suits, clothes and accessories. LGFG Fashion House is the unique world-wide bespoke suit, shirt, and shoe brand, catering timeless and classic British tailoring in Europe, Australia, and North America.

Also, watch Dimitri in this video to hear about their start.