Presidential Lapel Pins

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Presidents and Their History Wearing Lapel Pins
The American Flag may have found its birth in the independence of the United States of America but its presence on the lapels of American patriots was established much later. Irrespective of its origin, the American Flag Lapel Pin today is the most common accessory among politicians and citizens wanting to express their patriotism for their nation and their unity against national adversities. On Presidents Day, it can be seen on the lapels of every patriotic citizen.

Flag Pin- Powerful Symbol of American Solidarity and Patriotism
Adorned with the stars and stripes, the American Flag Pin has come to be known as a powerful symbol of patriotism. So much so that when President Barack Obama appeared in a debate against Hilary Clinton in 2008, he was posed with a voter’s question asking why he wasn’t wearing the Flag Pin on his lapel! While Obama smoothly replied that he wanted his beliefs and deeds to reflect his patriotism, he soon started wearing the Lapel Pin daily, clearly having understood its significance and power.

Interesting History of Flag Pin
The stars and stripes of the American Flag first found popularity during the Civil War when the Northerners started flying the Flag as a sign of their pride. This gesture initiated a series of similar events which have resulted in the American Flag becoming the object of utmost reverence in the present times.

Barack Obama isn’t the first President to don the Flag Lapel Pin; the tradition was started much earlier by President Richard Nixon during the cultural wars of 60’s and 70’s. Acting on the advice of his Chief of Staff, Mr. Nixon and his entire staff started wearing the Flag Lapel Pins as a symbol of their patriotism and solidarity. Apparently, Mr. Nixon’s Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, had stolen this idea from the movie, ‘The Candidate’ by Robert Redford.

The Flag Pins were again donned by President George W. Bush and his administrators after the horrific incident of 9/11 as a symbol of their solidarity against terrorism and their commitment towards protecting the nation.
Customized Versions Also Available

When Mitt Romney sported a bigger pin with a Secret Service star logo engraved on the stripes for a debate against Barack Obama during the 2012 Presidential Elections, the customized versions of the Flag Pins started attracting attention and demand. Customized Flag Pins look unique and attractive and carry a special identity of their own.

At Pinsource, we offer all kinds of Flag Lapel Pins and even customize them on demand. On the upcoming Presidents’ Day, wear Flag Pins on your lapels and let your patriotism glow in a subtle and sophisticated manner

Custom Lapel Pins for Fundraisers

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When schools and non-profit organizations hold fundraisers, there are many different ways they can go about it. Some organizations hold dinners or other fun events, while other organizations prefer to partner with local businesses and sell food or other items. When it comes to charity, there are no wrong ways to raise money – it’s all going to great causes. Here at Pinsource, we applaud any effort to raise money for charity or schools, and we are always thinking of ways to help in any way we can. One of the ways we can help raise money for your organization is with our custom lapel pins.

At Pinsource, we can customize every style of lapel pin to be in support of your school or non-profit organization. All you need to do is send us your designs, or you can work with one of our professional graphic designers to help you design an attractive lapel pin. We can even create lapel pins that commemorate a specific fundraising event, like a 5K race or auction. Not only can these lapel pins be sold to help raise money, they can also serve as a small advertisement for your charity. When it comes to fundraising for charitable organizations, you want to be sure you maximize your fundraising potential – let Pinsource help you continue to help others!

History of The Flag Lapel Pin

American Flag

One of the most popular lapel pins is the U.S. flag lapel pin. Popular with politicians, public servants, and patriotic citizens, flag lapel pins are part of our nation’s iconography. Despite their ubiquity, few people know the story behind the lapel pin. The history of this instantly recognizable lapel pin isn’t clear, although one thing is for sure – it wasn’t a common accessory before World War II. Although there exist other accessories, like jewelry, featuring the flag, you’d be hard-pressed to find an actual flag lapel pin from before the 1950s.

During the tumultuous time of the late 1960s, the flag lapel pin’s popularity grew. Many politicians wore them to display their solidarity against the anti-Vietnam War protesters. Once Richard Nixon, taking a fashion cue from the Robert Redford film The Candidate, started proudly displaying the lapel pin, they became almost permanent fixtures for those in public office.

The flag lapel pin often sees surges in popularity during unfortunate moments of crisis. During the Gulf War, flag pins, along with other patriotic items like patches and yellow ribbon, were sold and worn by many people to show their support of the troops. After the tragedy on September 11, 2001, flag lapel pin sales rose as citizens looked for a way to show their support and love of their country.

If you’re interested in getting some flag pins, contact us at Pinsource!

Why use Lapel Pins for Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Lapel Pin

Employee Recognition is the best way to boost morale of employees. And, customized lapel pins are most effective in showing that you are concerned about your employees. You can get custom lapel pins designed for employee recognition at different moments like successful project completion, best performance, program participation, job anniversary, successful training completion, etc. A custom lapel pin helps an employee to feel different from other employees and this is where he feels proud to be a part of an organization. And, not only the employee who has been awarded feels well but also other employees learn from him and try to achieve the same as well. This way, small, customized lapel pins are offering many benefits while boosting the morale of employees. When a company appreciates the effort and contribution of its employees then a considerable improvement can be noticed in those employees as well as other employees.

Another benefit of using Lapel Pins for Employee Recognition is they are much cheaper than distributing costly gifts. Moreover, they help make an identity among others and this is what every employee wants.

Here at Pinsource, we believe that nothing works better than a custom lapel pin when an organization needs to make an employee feel that he is the best and his performance is outstanding. Writing an email to him or awarding him with a notepad might not work in the same way as a lapel pin can do. We have different types of lapel pins like hard enamel, embossed, photo etched, years of service, cast lapel, PVC, etc. These are very popular types of lapel pins among employees and organizations.

We assist you all the way to select the best lapel pins for employee recognition. We listen to you and then design lapel pins for you accordingly. Even if you have some ideas, sketches, designs, or even if you want us to use your company logo, we do the same and design lapel pins. We provide lapel pins at factory price; hence, we are always reasonable. Whichever type of lapel pins you want us to design and create, we can do it. Whether your order is small as few hundred pieces or large as thousand pieces, we will do it in a short duration.

Contact us and let us know the purpose you need Lapel Pins for and we will suggest you some nice designs to choose from. Or, if you already have a design, we will create lapel pins using that design.

Pinsource Provides Products for Red Ribbon Week

Red Wrist bands

Every October, the United States observes Red Ribbon Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence problems. The goal is to prevent these problems from occurring and to educate people about how these problems can be overcome and where they can go to seek help if they are affected by these issues.

The week is generally signified by the color red. Red ribbons, wristbands and other products are displayed as a sign of solidarity with the message of Red Ribbon Week.

The history of Red Ribbon Week dates back to 1985, when an undercover DEA agent in Guadalajara, Mexico was kidnapped, tortured and eventually murdered. His work allowed for the discovery of millions of dollars worth of narcotics being manufactured and distrubted in the region. More agents were lost during the infiltration of the drug enterprise. After the situation was controlled and people across the world were exposed to the violent world of drug trafficking, citizens in the home town of one of the men who was murdered displayed red ribbons in his honor. This ribbon soon became a nationwide symbol of drug abuse and violence prevention.

At Pinsource, we provide Red Ribbon Week wristbands to organizations that observe the week. These 100% quality silicone wristbands allow you to promote the week’s message while saving money on the costs you’d pay for similar products elsewhere.

You have three different options when ordering your Red Ribbon Week wristbands:

  • Use two standard messages (“Drug Free and Proud” or “I Am Drug Free”) and display them on wristbands in either the color red or in camouflage pattern.
  • Use one of the two standard messages in your own custom colors.
  • Create your own custom message related to Red Ribbon Week and choose your own color.

While the color red is most popular for products related to Red Ribbon Week, some people choose the third option so that they can display their message throughout the entire year.

For more information about these products or about Red Ribbon Week, we encourage you to contact us today at Pinsource. Order now to be prepared when Red Ribbon Week rolls around.

The Benefits of Buying American-Made Items

Made in US Lapel Pin


Pinsource is proud to carry a wide variety of products that are made right here in the United States. While many people might not care whether their products are domestic or imported, there are plenty of people who choose to specifically purchase items made in America.

There are a variety of benefits that come with buying American-made items, but the two biggest are these:


  • You’re supporting American jobs. The economy is still attempting to make a comeback from the big economic downturn of 2008 and 2009. Every time you do business with a company located in America, you’re supporting American business and jobs that people here desperately need.
  • You’re supporting good wages. The reason that many businesses choose to outsource a majority of their work is that international locations charge much less money than American companies. The down side of that is that international companies that do these big jobs often don’t pay their employees livable wages. The more companies outsource their work, the more that these international locations feel like they can get away with such poor wages.


The first benefit is especially important. There are many people who have fallen on rough times over the past several years in the United States. Between the growing trend of outsourcing work and the amount of manufacturing jobs being lost to machines in the United States, every single job that can be supported in the manufacturing industry is precious. While it’s certainly understandable that people are interested in saving money on their purchases, you also have to consider the effect of those savings on our nation’s economy.

One estimate says that the United States has lost about 32% of its manufacturing jobs just since the year 2000. That’s a staggering figure, and it just goes to emphasize how important it can be to buy American and keep jobs in the United States.

Pinsource is proud to be an international company, and provides high-quality items to many people all across the globe. But our American customers will appreciate knowing that if they choose, they can buy items made right here in the United States and support their nation’s economy.

What Exactly Is a Karat?


Precious Metal Lapel Pin

People who don’t do a whole lot of jewelry shopping might occasionally be confused as to what exactly a karat is. Most people know that it has a correlation with value and that 24 karat gold is pure gold, but what does that mean for how the metal is used and how exactly is there a correlation between karats and value?

A karat (also occasionally spelled carat), when used for jewelry purposes, is a unit of purity. As most people know, 24-karat gold is pure gold. However, 24-karat gold is far too soft to use in jewelry, so usually gold gets mixed with a sturdier metal like copper or silver when making pins or jewelry.

Every karat in a piece of jewelry is 1/24th of the whole purity. So let’s say you order a pin from Pinsource that is 10 parts gold and 14 parts silver. That would mean that it is 10-karat gold.

This method of measuring purity of precious metals dates back about a thousand years to Germany. At the time, Germany was using gold marks for its currency. Another use for karats is as a unit of mass, and in that form a karat is the same as 200 milligrams (so yes, you could figure out your own mass in karats!). Germany’s gold marks weight 24 karats, or 4.8 grams. Measuring the purity of the gold within that coin was therefore done in karats.

Of course, karats don’t only apply to gold; this is just the most common example. If you have ever purchased an engagement ring (or will be soon), you have likely been overwhelmed by karat numbers while doing your shopping. Generally the higher the number of karats, the more expensive the metal or jewel will be, because most people place an emphasis on purity when it comes to valuating precious metals.

So there you have it, a short explanation of what karats are and how they are measured. Keep this in mind the next time you order a product made with precious metals from Pinsource!