Custom Clutches Are Here!

PinSource is offering a custom color pin back option for custom pin orders. The color pin back is a unique offering, in addition to the black rubber clutch option, and offers an opportunity to take a customer’s pin order to the next level.  These custom rubber clutch pin backs are a new and fun way to add a splash of color and creativity to an already customized lapel pin design.  There are endless color options, including some fun summer colors to choose from for a fun, secure, and unique customized addition.FullSizeRender

“Custom clutches are a great way to make your pins stand out!”, says Nick Lockwood, Managing Director at Pinsource. “We work with tons of small & large pin designers who found this is a nice way bring their design full circle and to make a truly customized product.”

Often the design of the pin is focused on the front, more obvious angles to the piece. However, as lapel pins become more prevalent in fashion and in retail stores, the overall design both in packaging and in the look of both sides of the pin become more important. Having the ability to change the color of the rubber clutch can allow for this further customization. In addition to a retail application, the use for these clutches expands in to school colors too.  They can coordinate with sports team colors, or a school mascot pin.

Colored rubber pin clutches are just some of the new offerings that PinSource is adding as customization options. Interested customers should inquire with their PinSource sales team member to learn more about new ways to customize their lapel pin designs.

Anti-Gravity Displays

Ant-gravity displays are the latest addition to our unique offering at PinSource. Although there are a lot of ways to store pins and coins and medals, these devices offer a fun and different approach.

IMG_2888The displays  suspend each item in a thin flexible plastic layer so it can be viewed and admired from each side. They come in a variety of difference sizes and option for showcasing: rectangle and square with different dimension options as well as square or circular ‘feet’ for the display to stand on. color options are;  black or white and all have a film to suspend, over and protect each item.

The display offers a unique solution and we are pleased to be able to offer them to our customers as a fun and new option for display and storage. The possibilities are endless as they can hold  metal, lapel pins, coins and more.poppy gravity

There are a lot of different ways to display your collections or collectable items and we are excited about his new product. We hope you will be too. There are a lot of different options on the market that offer display and storage but this is a unique and new design we think you’ll be interested in. Give us a call to learn more about pricing or specific. We would be happy to discuss options.


Celebrating Milestones

As a company we pride ourselves on not only the products we design and our customer service but first and foremost our employees. We think there is something to be said for longevity in a company and when the opportunity arises to celebrate those milestones, we take advantage. And, since we celebrated some wonderful milestones at our companies last month, we wanted to take this time to highlight two wonderful employees – Todd Harvey & Jennifer Lockwood – who celebrated milestones at SUI International companies. We caught up with both of them for a little Q&A about  what makes the company unique and why they’ve stayed and committed to company as long as they have.


How long have you worked at the company?

Todd: 25 years and counting!

Jen: I have worked at PinSource since I graduated college, way back in 2006, so 10 years. I started doing some marketing projects and sales as at the time. Now, I continue to sell pins, but I also do some management.

How did you find the position / decide to work for PinSource?

Todd: Just out of college in the old fashioned Classified’s on “REAL PAPER”, now I am dating myself!  It was one of my first and only interviews and it was a small company at the time where I could gain immediate experience and make a difference right away.

Jen: My lifelong best friend Jessica’s parents own PinSource. I grew up knowing more about pins and ad specialty products than the majority of kids. I have to admit, we did play with the pins and some promotional stuffed animals from time to time. As we got older, however, Jessica and I were guinea pigs for all different kinds of products, some that took off (like silicon wristbands) and some that didn’t (like phone showers, which were scented pieces of adhesive cork in the phone cradle to make it smell nice). So, when a job was available shortly after I graduated, it only seemed like a natural fit.

What’s your favorite memory during your tenure?

Todd: The frequent Friday afternoons with our team members… winding down after a busy week, visits from our China factory team, going to the Grateful Dead concert with Rob!

Jen: About a year after I started working on the Universal Studios account, the first Harry Potter park, Diagon Alley opened in Orlando. My colleague John and I were selected to work on a range of souvenir products for the attraction, and were invited to attend the grand opening. It was a black tie event with the red carpet, and all of the major cast members from the films made an appearance. The event was in the evening, and it was truly magical to see the Hogwarts castle there for the first time, lit up against the night sky. I will truly never forget it.

If you had to pick a favorite thing about your job/working at PinSource what would it be?

Todd: The many friendships I have gained with my distributer partners over the years!

Jen: I do really love my job, so I am going to give you four things. 1) My clients, who make coming to work engaging and challenging. 2) My colleagues, who are all kind, motivated and diligent. 3) My crazy miniature dachshunds, Lilly & Fonzie, who come to work with me everyday. 4) The world travel, which is always illuminating and inspiring.

Womans Suffrage Memorabilia


“Failure is Impossible” – Susan B. Anthony 1904

Because of countless millions of women who planned, organized, lectured, wrote, marched, petitioned, paraded, and broke new ground in every field imaginable, our world is irrevocably changed. Women and men in our generation, and the ones that will follow us, are living the legacy os-l300-4f women’s rights won against staggering odds in a revolution achieved without violence. Needless to say these pioneers -or suffragettes- have much to be proud of in the legacy of the Women’s Rights Movement, and a great deal to celebrate on the anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Rights Movement.

The official start of the suffrage movement can be traced back to the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 but memorabilia from the movement didn’t really surface until the 1890’s, with the introduction of new manufacturing techniques. Votes for Women was just one of the many slogans And, although most peoplOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAe think of the sash when the image of memorabilia during that time, another popular form of suffrage artifacts were buttons and the lapel pins.

Most of the larger and many of the smaller organizations produced buttons of some sort, generally emblazoned with their official colors.  While some of these buttons were generic, they often were manufactured for a particular campaign. There are period references to the fact that many suffragists collected them and advertised for varieties that they did not have, so many suffrage buttons embody interesting stories about their creation, their slogans, and their general use. There are a few great examples of button memorabilia that showcased here that reflect the slogans of the time. Pennants with lapel pins to adorn them are a large collectors item and ‘Votes for Women’ and “Ballots for Both” were popular slogans. votes_for_women_lapel_pin_nancy-2

In 1920, due to the combined efforts of all the woman suffragettes, the 19th Amendment, enfranchising women, was finally ratified. This victory is considered the most significant achievement of women in the Progressive Era. It was the single largest extension of democratic voting rights in our nation’s history, and it was achieved peacefully, through democratic processes.



A Little Lapel History…


Like woman’s fashion, men’s fashion has an equally interesting background. The styles are rooted in history and function, but have evolved into the fashion statements and ideas that we know today.

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to accessorizing menswear and the history is extensive. Handkerchiefs have long been displayed in the top pocket of men’s jackets and can be traced back to 1901. Although the first cufflinks appeared in the 1600s, they did not become common until the end of the 18th century. During the industrial revolution, neckties were designed long, thin and easy to knot and they did not come undone, setting the concrete design for the tie we know and love today. As it shows, men have been wearing fashionable accent pieces since the dawn of time.

The lapel pin has a unique history all its own. Most suit jackets come with a buttonhole, which was originally designed so that gentlemen could attach a cord from their hat to their jacket to keep it from blowing away on windy days. Eventually, as hats moved out of favor, the buttonhole got paired with another button on the opposite side of the jacket so it could be buttoned up all the way on unexpectedly cold days. Slowly lapel pins came in to view to adorn this part of a mans suit.

As time moved on in to  modern menswear, with its slim lapels and thin, technical overcoats, it’s a perfect place to show a little style. Pins may seem affected, but they’re really a no-brainer: you can put them on once, and then forget about them entirely, leaving it on between wears. It’s a pure expression of style. Pins are a subtle, simple, and are the next big menswear accessory.ButterFly_ShopCorrect_cb715367-d95a-4151-b40c-d27293672461_grande

As fashion often does, we’ve now seen these styles of old have a resurgence into days mens fashion world. Once again you will find vintage styles are making a comback once again.

Here at PinSource We can design lapel pin to suit any needs. If you want to have a classic vintage look replicating days of ol, you might consider, tie bar, cufflinks, or the classic lapel pin. When it comes to mens assecories we can customize it all. We’d be happy to help you design for a wedding or anniversary celebration or any special occassion you may like to adorn your lapel and wear a little bit of histor.

April is Autism Awareness Month

autism-awareness-monthEvery day, the millions of Americans living with autism and their families face unique and daunting challenges that many of us will never fully appreciate. During National Autism Awareness Month, we make a commitment to better understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the lives of individuals living with it.

So you might be asking you self: Why is awareness so important? Well, It’s not news that people tend to be afraid of what they don’t understand. Awareness has the power to change people’s attitudes from “Ugh” to “is there anything I can do to help?” This is why parents, educators, family and friends of kids with autism use the month of April as a platform to share stories with their community. And why a month dedicated to Autism Awareness can be so important. Here are somethings you might consider this month get involved:

Get Informed: Autism is defined as a developmental disability characterized by varying degrees of social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. There are a lot of resources available to learn more about ASD. Educating yourself on the facts is invaluable to get a better understanding of  the challenges indivuduals and their families face. Learn more about ASD at the Autism Speaks website.

autism-awareness-ribbon-puzzle-lapel-pin-21Put on the Puzzle! The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is a recognized symbol of the autism community. Autism prevalence is now one in every 68 children in America. Show your support for people with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon – as a pin on your shirt, a magnet on your car, a badge on your blog, or even your Facebook profile picture. You can find merchandise via Autism Speaks for purchase and support their mission here.autism-awareness-rubber-bracelet-wristband-adult-8

Connect with your neighborhood. Many Autism Society local affiliates hold special events in their communities throughout the month of April. It’s a good way to educate yourself and meet and get farmilar with people in your community that are living with Autism. Participating resteraunts around the country host a Dine Out with Autism event to educate community members and raise funds for the cause.

Donate your money or your time. Here are some online resources to help you donate your time or money to research and programs to support Autism. Autism Speaks a leading organization dedicated to research and support of families. You can donate here.

National Autism Awareness Month is an important month to consider learning more on this important issue. April represents an excellent opportunity to promote autism awareness, autism acceptance and to draw attention to the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year.


Choose Die Struck for Simple Elegance

Die Struck Lapel Pins are beautiful handcrafted pieces. In general they are identified by a raised and lowered metal look used with a simple design.They are classy and elegant without the use of any color. Sandblasting the metal can make images standout in addition to the contrast between the raised and lowered metal.  Our die struck lapel pins use a brass or copper base metal chosen for its softness to achieve a high quality stamping. You can select from one of our many plating choices and options to make your design truly unique.

Let’s look a little closer at the design of the die struck process and some  examples of how they are used:

Token of Recognition:  Add a synthetic stone, consecutive numbering, or any of our packaging options to create a perfect recognition pin.  The end product is something that a person can feel proud to wear and show off their achievements.


Logo and Branding:  The die struck process is most notable for its raised polished surface and recessed textured background, which can really make a logo look timeless and elegant. The textured background brings the smooth metal of the logo to the surface alowing it to (quite literaly) shine. Die-Cast works very well with certain timeless logos and translates to a very elegant piece for your employees to wear.

Anniversary Marker: People gravitate to die struck pins because of their density, durability, strength which makes them perfect to mark those employees who also exemplify these qualities. They represent a mark of distinction and pride and are a wonderful way to mark an anniversary for a special volunteer, teacher, or other employee.


How We do it  Part of the challenge of contemporary die-striking is that it requires extensive technical expertise and robust manufacturing capabilities.  Once a design has been finalized, we create a special die with your custom designed symbol. This die is then used to strike your design onto a copper or brass base metal. Copper and brass are soft enough for a sharp and detailed impression but durable for long-lasting use. A trimming tool is then used to cut out each die struck pin. Texturing is then applied to the pin, followed by the special polishing to create the contrasting to set off the raised images. After a final quality inspection, your custom designed die struck pins are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you.

Interested? Please call us! 1-800-678-9288. We would be happy to help you choose the right design of Die Struck pin to suit your needs. OR get a Fast quote online or visit us at



Edward Gorey House – A Unique American Museum

cathat  EGH  egh 2  egh 1

To those with an absurdist sense of humor and fondness for drawing, Edward Gorey is the beloved author and illustrator of such tales as The Doubtful Guest, The Curious Sofa, and The Loathsome Couple. To television viewers, he’s the creator of the animation that opens Mystery! on PBS. To theatergoers, he’s the Tony Award-winning set and costume designer behind 1977 rendition of Dracula. No matter how you know him,  there’s no denying he’s a talented and beloved American artist and author.

The Edward Gorey House is  a very special place that is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the life and works of Edward Gorey and honoring his legacy.  In 1979 Edward Gorey purchased the 200 year-old sea captain’s home at 8 Strawberry Lane on the Yarmouth Port Common, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After his death in 2000 the house became a museum, dedicated to Gorey’s life and work. The House displays his diverse and extraordinary talents and reflects his distinct personality.

I reached out to Gregory Hischak, the Edward Gorey House Curator, to discus more about this unique man, the museum and how TheEdward Gorey House uses products from PinSOurce to promote the work they do.

PS: How do you use the materials from PinSource within your organization?

GH: PinSource produces our annual membership pins and has done so ever since 2005.

PS: Why are the products important?

GH:The Annual Membership Pin is, along with the collateral that it is tied in with, a key component of our yearly exhibit. The image is used on all email communications and is prominent in our social media. The pin is mailed to current members, used by docents and, of course, it is also sold in our gift shop. These pins become Gorey Collectibles and there are more than a few collectors out there who have every pin the House has ever made available.

PS:Can you talk a little about what EGH does in relation to Edward Gorey’s legacy?CO Unusedweb-2

GH:The Edward Gorey House is, as the name suggests, Gorey’s house in Yarmouth Port, MA. This is his home that he lived and worked, collected and passed away in. We are not the trustees of his estate or licensees of Gorey’s works though we have a pretty cordial accessibility to the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust’s archive of original art. From them and from the House items we build a new exhibit every year. With Gorey, who had such a myriad of interests and abilities and was keenly prolific, each exhibit from year to year is quite different and this allows us to really re-invent the House and showcase another aspect of Gorey every year for visitors.

PS: For a person not familiar with EG work, what would you say is important for people to know or understand about him?

GH: Edward has a very distinctive style and sensibility that runs through all his work, whether it be his own books, the work he illustrated for other authors, his set designs, etchings, etc. Always there is formal macabre whimsy running through everything. While Gorey’s work is fatalist, surreal and even a bit murderous it is also invariably very very funny. His humor always turns what might be just stark into something delightful. Getting that across to visitors is the primary goal of the House.

PS: Are there any exciting upcoming events in the New Year at EGH that our readers should know about?

GH: The House will re-open with the 2016 Exhibit on April 15, 2016. We’re still wrestling over the name though “The Mysterious Mayonnaise” had a run for a while before being discarded. Our annual summer childrens festival Fantastagorey Day will be Saturday, August 6th. This is a free all-ages event that engages kids in readings, book-making, creature making, games and a lot of general mayhem. There are always a lot of other things that come up and becoming Friends with the House on Facebook is a great way to keep up on the things we have going on.

PS: What else do you want people to know about your organization or Edward Gorey?EGH Front-web

GH: I think there’s no doubt, people who have visited us have found the Edward Gorey House to be one of the most interesting, unique small museums in America. it is evolving, educational, mysterious and a lot of fun. Plus, you can always buy a pin in the gift shop.

All Images Courtsey of  the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.

If you’d like to visit the Edward Gorey House it’s located at:

8 Strawberry Lane
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Edward Gorey House 2016 Hours of Operation:

April 15 – July 3 Thurs/Fri/Sat 11am – 4pm; Sun 12-4pm.
July 6 – October 9 Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat 11am – 4pm; Sun 12-4pm.
October 14 – Dec 31 Fri/Sat 11am – 4pm; Sun 12-4pm.

Lean more:

Specialty Card Stock to Enhance Your Next Lapel Pin Order

Specialty cardstock is a fun added feature you might consider when you order your lapel pins. Not only does it give you a memorable way to display the pins you plan to sell, it also allows you to relay additional information that’s too long to include on the front of a pin. This can be your business name, address, phone number, website, andgirls gotta the run hours of operation, a poem, a quote or a saying. You can even put your business or organization’s mission statement on the card stock. The right words can have the power to move a person. That’s why the message can be as important as the artwork we create for your order of custom lapel pins.

Custom lapel pins  with specialty card stock is a wonderful promotional tool.  We can help you perfect your design so that it drives business your way. It’s also a  popular fundraising item and as an extra perk for a donation to your nonprofit. People can wear the lapel pin to show they supported your particular cause or event or fundraiser. If you’ve already hosted an event, how about sending a lapel pin with custom cardstock that has a quote or note of thanks.  This saves you time and gives the recipient of the card a feeling of genuine warmth and gratitude. They can wear your pin to show pride in supporting your cause or event.

CardstockLastly, card stock also allows recipients of the pins to have a safe place to store and display their prized possessions. What better way to display and sell pins than with a unique type of packaging that shows off the memento’s attractive appearance and personal sentiment.

The possibilities and personalization opportunities are endless when it comes to customized cardstock. It’s a great way to get the word out about your products, services, and events and enhance the look and message of your lapel pin. If creating custom card stock that ties into the theme of your lapel pin is something you might consider contact us to hear more!