Cleveland Rocks

So this is a little late coming out, but a few weeks ago I travelled to Cleveland, Ohio for an exclusive event with amusement park vendors in the Ohio region. Technically I was in Sandusky, OH (straight out of Tommy Boy – and yes, everyone there has heard the joke a thousand times) and it’s considered the Roller Coaster Capital of the World! Although being right on the great lake of Erie it has a lot more to offer.
Normally when we participate in shows like this we have all of our pins, key chains, coins, etc shipped ahead via freight. Not this time. Because of time constraints and a bunch of other factors I had a hard sided suitcase full of our products. Wow. If you think a few pins are heavy, imagine a suitcase full. I think our custom coins and medals weigh the most, although some of the custom PVC key chains and magnets really tip the scale! (A lot of these are from Universal Studios – and everything they do is large in size!)
So checked baggage and I made our way from Cleveland to Sandusky and set up shop.
I stayed at the Kalahari Resort (an indoor waterpark) where the event was held.
I met some really nice people – they are in charge of deciding what you will see when you go in to the gift shops at amusement parks, museums, and zoos! We have everything from lanyards to key chains, to magnets, to even custom packaged pieces like maps with pins for different locations. All-in-all we hope this will be a big success!
And of course I had to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before heading back to Burlington! When in Cleveland….