Collectors coins from Pinsource

Coins are one of the biggest collector items in the world. People love to get as many different types of coins as they can, and showcase them in sets. Why not take advantage of this popular hobby by creating collectors coins of your own? Using either simple designs or intricate masterpieces, we develop coins to promote a wide variety of companies, organizations, teams, products and causes.

Here are a few of the types of coins that we create:

  • Custom shaped coins. Do you want your coin molded into a particular shape, perhaps that of your logo or state? No problem! Our creative coin makers are happy to produce coins in eye-catching shapes that collectors will enjoy.
  • Specific finishes. You can choose a very fancy and detailed finish, or one that is simple and clear. Our staff can help you make your decision and create a finished product that you’ll be proud to display.
  • Military. We create collectible coins specifically to commemorate military service. To have a coin created for your unit is a privilege, and it becomes an honor to receive a coin from another unit member. It’s a great tradition in our armed forces that we are happy to help carry on to this day.
  • Corporate. Sophisticated corporate coins make for a classy gift or recognition of excellence. They depict strength, quality, value and dependability.
  • Minted. We create coins that have been beautifully hand-crafted in Sterling Silver or plated with the finish of your choice. Our process for these coins enables us to meet even the most specific and demanding design specifications.
  • Medallions. Victory can be made even sweeter with our special medallions that we make for contests and athletic events. We put as much pride into the design and craftsmanship of these medallions as the recipient does in wearing them.
  • Diamond cut. Diamond cut edging on collectible coins provides an extremely elegant appearance and a three-dimensional look. Bring your coins to life with this feature!

For more information about the types of collectible coins that we have to offer, give us a call today, email us at or fill out our online quote form. We look forward to working with you!