How PVC Coasters Can Help with Your Marketing Efforts

PVC coasters are promotional products that present an excellent marketing opportunity for all types of businesses. Even if your primary focus is the drink on top of your coaster, you’re bound to take a look at what it says. (Just try setting a drink onto a coaster without looking down at it, and you’ll find it’s virtually impossible!)

For an innocuous and un-invasive advertising technique, coasters are highly effective at getting customers to recognize branded images and retaining promotional information.

Most people are familiar with the most common use of advertising on coasters: beer advertising. Nearly every major brand has its logo emblazoned on coasters of multiple styles, designs and shapes. PVC coasters provide a unique advantage over the more common cardboard types of coasters, as they are washable, reusable and far more durable.

Beer companies looking to stand out in their industry often use PVC coasters as promotional products, giving customers something they’ll look at every time they set their drink down at home. This brings that company’s logo into the daily lives of their customers, encouraging brand loyalty and reinforcing the company’s key message.

PVC coasters also provide an eye-catching way of getting the word out about upcoming events, and are prized among collectors. Concerts, comedy tours and sporting events are increasingly advertised through the use of these promotional products. When distributed to bars in the local area, PVC coasters can boost ticket sales and event attendance, as well as give attendees a memento commemorating the event.

A lot of people have found PVC coasters to be fun keepsakes for important private events like weddings, birthdays, reunions and anniversaries. We can print photographic images onto coasters that will serve as a lifelong reminder of your most important events—for both you and your guests.

PVC coasters are surprisingly effective for advertising products and services that may have absolutely nothing to do with events or drink service. When people see your company advertised on a coaster, the sheer novelty might have them looking closely at your message.

Whatever message you’re looking to get across, PVC coasters are fun, imaginative promotional products to reach out to your audience.

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