Lapel Pins & Classic Cars Have A Lot In Common…

car-showIt’s the end of summer which means people are shining up their classic cars for annual car shows. Here in Vermont, we have a classic car show in Stowe that attracts all types of admirers from around the country and the world. Over 800 antique & classic cars are on display to look over and admire, and the weekend finishes with an antique car parade through town. It’s a perfect way to finish off summer and take those cars for one last ride in the sunshine.

We’ve been thinking: Lapel pins and classic cars have a lot in common. Both are timeless pieces of memorabilia that can be used again and again. And let’s not forget about the collectable element! Cars are certainly a collectors’ item and, well, so are lapel pins! Just Google Lapel pin collections and you will find hundreds of links to groups all over the world who trade and sell their pins. You will see that they are certainly highly prized and sought after collectables. The design and color can vary from basic and lovely to customized and glamorous depending on your style and budget.Vintage_Car_Show_Keepsake_Lapel_Pin

Most importantly, they represent something you’re proud of. If you are an aficionado of a Chevy for instance, you can stand beside your Chevy OR out in the everyday world you could wear a Chevy pin.  Either way, people know what you’re interested in before they even shake your hand. It’s a conversation starter and shows pride in your hobby.

If you are a part of a club or group who tours your cars through these shows, isn’t it time to get more people excited about your club, or maybe a good opportunity to commemorate those in the group that go above and beyond? Your upcoming car show will be exciting.  You’ll have a large group of people come out to take a look at the different cars owned by your club’s members.  If you want to sell additional admission tickets this year and want to advertise your event in a new and exciting way, why not a lapel pin? Let’s face it–it’s so much better to pin something to your lapel than to get a inked hand stamp that takes ages to come off!

Ways That Custom Lapel Pins Can Be Used 

There are a number of different ways that custom lapel pins can be used by clubs and groups.  Some of the most popular uses include:

  • For promotional purposes to advertise the event.
  • For identification purposes to show who is in charge of the event.
  • As thank you gifts for the people who have come out to see the classic cars.
  • As thank you gifts for the sponsors who have donated time and money to help make the event happen.

Different Styles for Different Needs

Car Lapel PinCustom lapel pins can be created in a variety of different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors to meet your needs.  Different add-on elements can enhance the quality of the artwork. Glitter, gemstones and precious metals are among some options you can select from.  This allows you to express the unique nature and history of the cars that your club members own.  Don’t forget to add text and even a date to make the pins relevant and exciting!

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