Pins: An Overview

As you read with my previous blog, the world of lapel pins is much more complex and intriguing than what initially meets the eye. The term “lapel pins” can be a bit deceiving as it covers a lot of ground.  On top of conventional non precious metal pins, we sell 10k, 14k, 1/10k Gold filled and solid Sterling Silver lapel pins.

We sell to a multitude of civic organizations like Lions Clubs, Rotary, the Masons as well as many others. We sell to most, if not all of the Fortune 500 companies. When you travel to theme parks such as Disney, Universal Studios, or restaurants like Planet Hollywood, you can see our wide range of lapel pins being worn by a multitude of employees and visitors. Companies like Disney have huge pin collecting and trading societies, and their followers truly desire their pins. Many of the pins are large, multi-layered and incredibly beautiful.

Pins really come in all shapes and sizes, and every order is unique to its customer. You can send us your own artwork, or we can make the art ourselves. There is an infinite amount of possibilities of things you can do with pins.

And we’re always finding new ways to express ourselves. SUI has many different business ventures, but the most intriguing as of late, is our brand new bag company. The company has just started, but is working its way up to the top, much like the other SUI brands. They sell various bags from existing manufacturers as well as our own line of vintage, nautical canvas and leather bags, designed by us. Check us out at

There are so many different aspects to my job here at PinSource. One day I’m selling pins to a local company down the road, and the next I am selling ones with my favorite Disney characters with a beautiful glossy finish. We are a company with over 20 years of high quality success, and we continue that level of quality and success with our new brands and business ventures!

If you have any questions about anything pin related don’t hesitate to call or email me. My email is and my phone number is (802) 878-9288.