Precious Metal – A Perfect Gift!

Precious Metal Lapel Pin

Lapel pins give you the opportunity to show others how successful they have been and how much you appreciate their contribution to the workplace. When you want a way to show your gratitude, a way to offer high end awards that you can afford and that the employee will enjoy, the use of pins is the perfect option. Precious metal pins can have the design, fit, and general appearance that you want while blowing others away. Thanks to their quality, the amount of detail, their durability, the options available, and the gems that you can add on, too, they are the perfect gift for any employee.

It is important to understand that lapel pins appeal to a large audience. While much of their popularity comes from the workforce as gifts to employees, plenty of people collect and adore them because of their quality and beauty. People of all types find themselves attracted to pins made from precious metals that have astonishing quality and attention to detail. This is the reason they make such wonderful gifts, especially in the workplace. They can send a simple message that has an amazing effect. What makes them even better is their durability and the options that are available to you.

As you might expect, precious metal pins come in all types of precious metals. You have sterling silver, 10 karat gold filled, 10 karat solid gold, and 14 karat solid gold. They can also have diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires added to make their appearance truly pop. Having such a large selection of wonderful precious metals and gems makes it easier to fit this into your budget and to show how much you appreciate the recipient. With the small acrylic or velvet boxes they come in, the presentation will absolutely match the aesthetic appeal of the pins themselves.

No matter the recipient, lapel pins can help you to send a clear, positive message. When you feel that someone has continued to offer excellence and do their best, offer excellence in return. Precious metal pins are a simple, effective way to tell someone that what they have done matters. If you want to show your appreciation for an employee who has worked at the location for a long time or who has done a great job recently, or if you want to show appreciation for someone who has helped the community in some way, these pins can do the job and more. They stay with the person and they can leave a positive impression.

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Let Pinsource Help with Your Art Projects and Fundraisers!

Seeds of Hope Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

Seeds of Hope Hard Enamel Lapel Pin


One of the most common ways that schools, scout organizations and other youth groups raise funds is by having their children create artwork and then having them printed on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and more for their parents to purchase. It’s an extremely simple fundraiser that usually has great results.

With Pinsource, you can run that exact same type of fundraiser, taking artwork designed by your children and having it displayed on PVC coasters, key chains, custom coins, patches, magnets and more. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider getting your school or youth group involved with this type of fundraiser through Pinsource:


  • It’s a great money maker. Parents love buying items that feature artwork made by their children. This makes it a very effective fundraiser.
  • The kids love it. Kids love seeing their own art put onto products like magnets, shirts and coasters. It’s a cool feeling for them to see something they created put into a product that they or their parents use around the house on an everyday basis.
  • Quick deliveries. If your organization is in a time crunch, Pinsource can work with you to turn around your order in a quick, efficient manner.
  • Great customer service. You can obtain a quote for your delivery simply by filling out a form on our website, and we’ll get back to you quickly with an estimate for the project. We also keep lines of communication open at all times throughout the process of fulfilling and delivering the order so you are kept in the loop about our progress.


Have any more questions about how we can work with your school or organization on this type of fundraiser? Contact us today for more information; we’re happy to help you in any way we can!

Consider Using Pinsource Products for Your Next Fundraiser!

At Pinsource, we have a wide variety of products available that could be perfect items to sell for your next fundraiser. The prices we offer for our products make them perfect for re-selling. Whatever type of product you choose, you will be able to find items that are perfect for raising awareness about your organization or cause.

Here are some of the products we offer that are particularly common for use as fundraiser items:

  • Book marks with soft enamel. These gold or silver nickel-plated book mark can have up to four different soft enamel colors, with the design on one side. They measure 2.25″ x .75″ and are great items to add to any small sale or fundraiser effort. After all, who doesn’t need a bookmark?
  • Lapel pins. Most people purchasing pins for their fundraisers specifically prefer our hard enamel pins, nickel plated. Choose from up to four different hard enamel colors and select a military clutch back. These pins are durable and also fairly cheap to manufacture, meaning that you can purchase them in large numbers and resell them at your leisure.
  • Wristbands. Wristbands are a particularly popular choice for organizations attempting to raise awareness about illness or other causes. For example, many people are familiar with the yellow “LiveStrong” wristbands that were popularized by cyclist Lance Armstrong to help raise awareness of cancer. If your cause has a particular color associated with it, or if you would just like to create a band with a unique design or your organization’s logo, Pinsource is pleased to assist you.
  • Magnets. People love having magnets to decorate their refrigerators or filing cabinets, so consider designing magnets unique to your organization and reselling them as part of your fundraising efforts.
  • Ornaments. If you do a lot of fundraising around the holiday season, Christmas ornaments are a great fundraising choice. Lots of people will be buying ornaments as it is, but if they see that they can help your organization by purchasing these ornaments then they will be likely to buy them.

Talk to a Pinsource representative today for more information about the products we have available and how they can help you with your next fundraiser.

Why Should I Choose Lapel Pins?

Kodiak Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

On first glance, it might seem odd that we at Pinsource have chosen to put a lot of focus on our line of quality lapel pins. But there are many reasons why people and organizations of all backgrounds choose to order and wear lapel pins.

Here are some of the major reasons:

Lapel pins help to establish a sense of identity.

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, a small business or a large firm, a single message or logo that is embodied in a lapel pin that everyone in the brand wears helps to create unity and brand identity. It makes a brand look more confident and capable when such unity is present, and instills a sense of trust in customers as well as pride and spirit in team members and employees.

Lapel pins help others recognize who you are.

Just like a badge or embroidered logo on a shirt, lapel pins are a great way to recognize members of organizations and companies. This is especially great for more formal, business-oriented settings where everyone will be wearing suit jackets rather than company tee shirts or jackets. All you need to do is pin it on your lapel and you turn your jacket into a walking advertisement for your brand. The more people who see your employees wearing these pins, the more recognition you will receive.

Lapel pins are a great way to recognize others for their achievements.

Lapel pins are a traditional and classy way to recognize people for years of service or for specific accomplishments. This helps to build an employee’s pride in his or her organization. It can also be a great way to reward fans for their participation in competitions run by the organization.

Lapel pins help to show your appreciation for team members.

It’s extremely important that you do everything you can to keep morale high in your workplace. By giving these pins to your employees, you show them that you truly appreciate what they do for your organization and encourage them to continue to keep up that high level of work.

Check out our selection of lapel pins today on Pinsource and help expand your business’s brand identity!

A Glossary of Necessary Pinsource Definitions

Indian Motorcycle Custom Lapel Pin

Indian Motorcycle Custom Lapel Pin

As you browse the Pinsource website looking for the perfect pin, wristband, key chain or lanyard for your next order, you’re likely to come across a wide variety of terms that you may or may not be familiar with. These terms are used to describe how all of our products are made, and each of them has some slight differences that you might not be aware of if you don’t know much about these processes.

Here are some definitions that may be helpful to you in your Pinsource browsing:

• Cast: Die casting involves taking molten metal and pouring it into a carved out die, also known as a mold. This method offers a great deal of detail in metal products.
Die struck: To create a die-struck product, the manufacturer uses a die to push an image into a soft metal, such as gold or brass. The die has contours and recesses in it that create the image when the metal is pushed into it. While the level of detail in a die-struck product isn’t quite as deep as in casting, it is still an effective way of creating patterns and designs in metal.
• Embossing: The simple stamping of an image directly on to a material such as leather, suede or paper. The image then rises above the surface of the object that gets embossed.
• Engraving: The cutting of a design or lettering on a material, such as glass, wood or metal to give a permanent imprint.
Etching: The product gets coated with a special acid-resistant solution in a special pattern. When the image is exposed on the product, the exposed metal gets attacked by the acid, leaving the etched pattern behind on the surface.
• Laminating: The process of coating an item with a layer of clear plastic. Paper can also be laminated by sticking it between two plastic sheets and running it through a laminating machine.
• Photo etched: This specific type of etching involves taking an illustration, picture or document and imprinting it on to metal with acid, then sealing it for protection.

If you have any other questions about any of the terms you see on the Pinsource website, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

What to Look for When Purchasing Lapel Pins

When you’re purchasing your custom lapel pins from PinSource, there are certain things you should keep in mind to make sure you get everything you need out of the process. The following are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your order:


  • Proofread your text. This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s a surprisingly common mistake. A lot of companies handle a large volume of orders at the same time, and might not catch a spelling error. This is especially true of names, as there are often multiple different spelling options.
  • Balance savings with quality. Make sure that you don’t make unnecessary sacrifices to the quality of your lapel pins order just save a few bucks. On the other hand, you also need to be sure that your demand matches your budget. This can take some careful planning to get right.
  • Make sure you know what you’re buying. If you don’t understand a specific term, ask. Some manufacturers will automatically assume you know what cloisonné means, even if you’ve never heard that word before in your life. Asking the right questions is the only way to be absolutely sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.
  • Avoid over-complexity. Most companies order lapel pins as a means of promoting their brand. In order for that to work, casual onlookers have to be able to tell just what it is they’re looking at. As a general guideline, make sure that your images and text are plainly visible to somebody standing at a distance of at least three feet.
  • Thoroughly review your planning and decision-making process. The number one mistake that companies make is not putting enough thought into their order. Make sure that your design is appropriate for the type of pins you’re ordering. For example, think about whether it should be on a photographic pin or a soft enamel pin. Place your order well enough in advance of your event so that you are certain your pins will arrive on time. Review all artwork and text to see that it is highly visible and easy to recognize.


Using these simple suggestions, you should be able to avoid some of the common pitfalls when ordering your custom lapel pins. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us.


Celebrating Your Hole-in-One with a Lapel Pin


Finally sinking that hole-in-one is an incomparable experience, and it’s something that doesn’t come around that often—even for the most experienced golfers. It requires a perfect combination of luck, skill and innumerable other environmental factors that will likely never play out in exactly the same way again.

A hole-in-one is one of life’s truly unique and memorable moments, and is estimated to happen to only one in about 8,000 lifetime golfers. It’s like joining an elite club. And it’s something that deserves to be commemorated.

A great way to celebrate this accomplishment is by commissioning a custom lapel pin to mark the occasion. This can be something you wear to golf outings and social gatherings to share the experience with your friends and loved ones—and it might just strike a little fear into your competition out on the links!

Hole-in-one lapel pins are a trend a lot of clubhouses and pro shops are picking up on. It’s a great way for the best of the best to identify one another and relate the story of that one perfect shot. It creates a sense of community and honor for those individuals who, if just for one moment, played the game as perfectly as it can be played.

Because sinking a hole-in-one is such a rare and fleeting occasion, a lot of people prefer to order pins made of gold or other precious materials. Clubhouses and pro shops might prefer to buy pins made from cheaper materials, if they decide to make a bulk order and hand them out as people make the shots.

Other businesses choose to avoid this bulk expense by having a custom design picked out just for the special occasion, and offering to have the pins pressed specifically for individuals who make a hole-in-one. This way, it’s up to the individual as to what type of material he or she would like to pay for. In addition, players can have gemstones inset into their pins for every subsequent hole-in-one they make.

Custom lapel pins are a perfect way to commemorate any number of important life events, and for a devoted golfer, there are few thrills greater than the ever-elusive hole-in-one. If you’ve achieved this milestone, make it known with a lapel pin all your own.


PinSource’s Recent Contribution to End Animal Cruelty

We love animals here at PinSource, and we do all we can to show it (see our resident office dog, Lilly). PinSource maintains an animal-friendly workplace, from our open-door policy for employee pets to our various contributions to humane societies and other organizations across the nation.

Naturally, when PinSource was asked to make a donation to Safe Humane Chicago, a nonprofit rescue and adoption shelter, we knew exactly what to do. PinSource proudly donated 100 custom-made lapel pins to the organization. These pins will help the group get the word out about their truly extraordinary efforts to end animal cruelty in one of the country’s largest cities.

Safe Humane Chicago has saved more than 350 dogs from euthanasia since the organization was founded in 2010. Working with shelters and Chicago police, Safe Humane Chicago takes in dogs that would otherwise be put down. The organization socializes these dogs, making sure that they’re ready to be adopted, and then places them each in a good home.

One of the organization’s core programs pairs at-risk dogs with at-risk youths. The program teaches disadvantaged youths and juvenile offenders the values of compassion and empathy as they help re-socialize formerly abused animals.

PinSource is impressed by the outstanding accomplishments of the individuals at Safe Humane Chicago, and we are proud to contribute to this organization. Our donation of 100 custom lapel pins will contribute to the organization’s efforts to raise awareness about animal cruelty and neglect throughout the Chicago area.

Custom lapel pins are an excellent way for community organizations like Safe Humane Chicago to draw attention to their causes. These pins can be used to identify the organization’s members, offered as an incentive for donations or given out at public events to raise awareness about important social issues.

Through the combined efforts of the volunteers at Safe Humane Chicago and those of us here at PinSource, we hope to bring an end to animal cruelty. We would like to take this opportunity to applaud the exceptional efforts of Safe Humane Chicago, and we look forward to the organization’s continued progress toward the prevention of neglect and cruelty toward animals everywhere.


How Schools Can Use Lapel Pins to Reward Achievements

The academic environment is driven by personal achievement. Most schools define success through the various academic accomplishments, sports achievements and special accolades earned by both educators and students. A lapel pin can be a great way of showing recognition for a job well done, as well as providing an effective means of getting the word out on some of your school’s various successes.

Pins can be used to identify a student’s affiliation with various school clubs and organizations. This allows students to proudly show off their individual contributions to their school’s extracurricular activities, from helping to coordinate the school newspaper or yearbook, to actively engaging in athletics programs.

A lapel pin can also be used for more than just extracurricular groups. They are an excellent way to honor high academic standing, perfect attendance or placement in advanced courses. These types of rewards can help incentivize academic accomplishments in a meaningful and exciting way.

Things like grade point average and attendance rates are fairly abstract, and it can be hard to get students to understand or even care about their significance. By offering students a tangible token of achievement, you can greatly improve their level of involvement in such academic goals.

Pins are not just a great way of recognizing student achievement—they also work as an excellent reward system for teachers, as well. The success of educators directly translates to success for students, and it‘s important to motivate and encourage educators for outstanding achievement. Recognition pins for educators may include years of service pins, awards for participation and administration of school programs and extracurricular activities, recognition of extraordinary student success or honors for continuing academic achievement.

Custom lapel pins make great sports pins for showing school pride during athletic events and other school functions. These pins are highly collectable, and can serve as lasting mementos for students throughout their lives.

There’s no better way to advertise the various accomplishments of your school and its students than through the use of custom lapel pins. These pins are inexpensive and attractive ways of showing off the various accomplishments of your students and faculty.

If you’d like help recognizing anyone in your life you can email us at or call us anytime at 800.678.9288.


Choosing the Right Company to Purchase Pins

When you’re looking to order custom lapel pins for any reason, there are a few considerations you should make in deciding from which company to order. Just a quick Internet search can help illustrate the problem—there are hundreds of companies out there to choose from. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips to help you sort out the good from the bad, and identify which company you want to handle your lapel pins order.

The first and most important consideration is quality. Pins can be made from a variety of materials, and some are better than others. Some companies may try to sell you pins that are made from painted iron, while others will offer you a variety of painted and plated copper.

Copper is by far the more durable option. It’s easy to plate with nearly any metal finish you could want, including gold, bronze or silver. Copper lapel pins can even be “antiqued” to provide a vintage look.

Companies that offer a variety of pin types are often the best at handling and producing your design. A good variety to look for is die-struck lapel pins, soft and hard enamel pins and precious metal pins. Most companies that offer more than a few types of pins will have a broader range of experience, better equipment and overall be more capable of producing your order exactly as you want it.

Another important consideration is distribution. Many pin manufacturers have operations located overseas. Make sure that the shipping time for your order is acceptable and reasonably priced. You don’t want to get overcharged for something that will arrive too late to be useful to you or your organization.

Also, look into what ordering amounts are available. It may turn out that you want a smaller volume order than the minimum for that company. If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale, check out the company’s policies regarding these types of orders. Often, you will require a business license to order wholesale, but schools and charities may be exempt, so it can be useful to check.

By doing a little bit of research, it’s definitely possible to find the exact lapel pins manufacturer to suit your needs. Hopefully, these tips can help get you started on your search.

Should you have any more questions, or just want to speak with someone about your project you can email us at