Uses for Custom Patches from Pinsource

Custom Patches
Pinsource is known for its custom lapel pins, but we have a wide variety of other products available, including our custom patches. These patches give the appealing look of direct embroidery at a fraction of the cost you’d otherwise pay for it. All you need to do is send us the design that you’ve put together, or ask us to help you create your own unique design. Within no time at all you’ll receive a gorgeous custom patch that you can enjoy for years to come. Patch options include 50%, 70% and 100% embroidery, with smaller iron patches also available.

Why choose a patch from Pinsource?

Our patches come with guaranteed quality and high levels of customization. Additionally, these patches are extremely versatile. They are perfect for uses such as:

• Military purposes. If you need military patches for your unit, we’re here for you. Send us your design and we will help you to properly decorate your soldiers for their achievements. We are pleased to be of assistance to all service men and women.
• Scout groups. Boy and girl scouts can earn patches for accomplishing certain tasks. We create these patches for you based on the specifications of your local or national scouting organization, and can also work with you to create your own custom troop patches.
• Organizations. Clubs and nonprofit organizations can create custom patches to sew on to shirts that act as their uniforms when they are out and about in public, doing charity work or running events. These patches could be an organizational logo, an event logo or anything else.
• Letter jackets. High school and college letter jackets are often decorated with embroidered patches for activities, clubs and sports. We can help you to design patches that fit perfectly with your school’s colors, mascot and other themes.
• Companies. Need patches for work uniforms? Send us your logo and let us make it into a high-quality embroidered patch that can be adorned by your employees.

For more information about our custom patches, we encourage you to contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you have or help you with the design process!

How to Take Photos of Pins …also known as What is the Flower Icon On My Camera?

Invariably there comes a time where you need or want to take a photo of your pin, coin, lanyard, patch. Anything that may have a lot of detail but be pretty small in size.
The most common solution is to grab your camera and snap off a few pictures.
But wait…It’s all blurry. What happened?
Maybe you’ll just back up and send that photo.
Or crop it.
Hmm. Not very sharp.
What to do… What to do… Macrophotography! Here’s my “Twitter” explanation: Normal camera function has a focal length of about a foot. Macro enables the camera to focus on extremely (like 1/2″) close subjects.
• PS – that fits as a tweet!
• Double PS – The link regarding focal length WILL put you to sleep. Use with caution!
For this blog I’m using a 2008 Sony (DSC-H3) point and shoot. It has the macro button (the ubiquitous flower symbol) on the back.

Without the macro feature engaged the photo is a blur unless I hold the camera about a foot away. But… if I engage the macro it will focus even with the lens almost touching the pin!


Wow! That is SHARP!
And not just pins, it works for everything – here’s a coin photo without the macro…
and with the macro.
You can pick up every detail – even that the coin has soft enamel giving the coin an embossed colored look!
And patches, too; you can even see the detail of the stitching.
Two quick points to note:
1. NO ZOOMING! See that W and T. Make sure you are as wide (that’s the W) as possible on the shot.
2. NO FLASH! See this icon?
Push it till you get this icon!
Just make sure you are in a well lit area, and it helps to have a white background for pins (I used our office stationary but even copy paper will do).
But don’t just use it for pins and patches and coins! Macrophotography is great for nature photos, kids, and muchmuch more! Have fun out there friends!!
*Recognize the pin? Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne. Custom pin, custom packaged in a custom box. Fitting for the Number 1 Champagne in the world!!