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Presidents and Their History Wearing Lapel Pins
The American Flag may have found its birth in the independence of the United States of America but its presence on the lapels of American patriots was established much later. Irrespective of its origin, the American Flag Lapel Pin today is the most common accessory among politicians and citizens wanting to express their patriotism for their nation and their unity against national adversities. On Presidents Day, it can be seen on the lapels of every patriotic citizen.

Flag Pin- Powerful Symbol of American Solidarity and Patriotism
Adorned with the stars and stripes, the American Flag Pin has come to be known as a powerful symbol of patriotism. So much so that when President Barack Obama appeared in a debate against Hilary Clinton in 2008, he was posed with a voter’s question asking why he wasn’t wearing the Flag Pin on his lapel! While Obama smoothly replied that he wanted his beliefs and deeds to reflect his patriotism, he soon started wearing the Lapel Pin daily, clearly having understood its significance and power.

Interesting History of Flag Pin
The stars and stripes of the American Flag first found popularity during the Civil War when the Northerners started flying the Flag as a sign of their pride. This gesture initiated a series of similar events which have resulted in the American Flag becoming the object of utmost reverence in the present times.

Barack Obama isn’t the first President to don the Flag Lapel Pin; the tradition was started much earlier by President Richard Nixon during the cultural wars of 60’s and 70’s. Acting on the advice of his Chief of Staff, Mr. Nixon and his entire staff started wearing the Flag Lapel Pins as a symbol of their patriotism and solidarity. Apparently, Mr. Nixon’s Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, had stolen this idea from the movie, ‘The Candidate’ by Robert Redford.

The Flag Pins were again donned by President George W. Bush and his administrators after the horrific incident of 9/11 as a symbol of their solidarity against terrorism and their commitment towards protecting the nation.
Customized Versions Also Available

When Mitt Romney sported a bigger pin with a Secret Service star logo engraved on the stripes for a debate against Barack Obama during the 2012 Presidential Elections, the customized versions of the Flag Pins started attracting attention and demand. Customized Flag Pins look unique and attractive and carry a special identity of their own.

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History of The Flag Lapel Pin

American Flag

One of the most popular lapel pins is the U.S. flag lapel pin. Popular with politicians, public servants, and patriotic citizens, flag lapel pins are part of our nation’s iconography. Despite their ubiquity, few people know the story behind the lapel pin. The history of this instantly recognizable lapel pin isn’t clear, although one thing is for sure – it wasn’t a common accessory before World War II. Although there exist other accessories, like jewelry, featuring the flag, you’d be hard-pressed to find an actual flag lapel pin from before the 1950s.

During the tumultuous time of the late 1960s, the flag lapel pin’s popularity grew. Many politicians wore them to display their solidarity against the anti-Vietnam War protesters. Once Richard Nixon, taking a fashion cue from the Robert Redford film The Candidate, started proudly displaying the lapel pin, they became almost permanent fixtures for those in public office.

The flag lapel pin often sees surges in popularity during unfortunate moments of crisis. During the Gulf War, flag pins, along with other patriotic items like patches and yellow ribbon, were sold and worn by many people to show their support of the troops. After the tragedy on September 11, 2001, flag lapel pin sales rose as citizens looked for a way to show their support and love of their country.

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