Custom Lapel Pins for Fundraisers

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When schools and non-profit organizations hold fundraisers, there are many different ways they can go about it. Some organizations hold dinners or other fun events, while other organizations prefer to partner with local businesses and sell food or other items. When it comes to charity, there are no wrong ways to raise money – it’s all going to great causes. Here at Pinsource, we applaud any effort to raise money for charity or schools, and we are always thinking of ways to help in any way we can. One of the ways we can help raise money for your organization is with our custom lapel pins.

At Pinsource, we can customize every style of lapel pin to be in support of your school or non-profit organization. All you need to do is send us your designs, or you can work with one of our professional graphic designers to help you design an attractive lapel pin. We can even create lapel pins that commemorate a specific fundraising event, like a 5K race or auction. Not only can these lapel pins be sold to help raise money, they can also serve as a small advertisement for your charity. When it comes to fundraising for charitable organizations, you want to be sure you maximize your fundraising potential – let Pinsource help you continue to help others!

Let Pinsource Help with Your Art Projects and Fundraisers!

Seeds of Hope Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

Seeds of Hope Hard Enamel Lapel Pin


One of the most common ways that schools, scout organizations and other youth groups raise funds is by having their children create artwork and then having them printed on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and more for their parents to purchase. It’s an extremely simple fundraiser that usually has great results.

With Pinsource, you can run that exact same type of fundraiser, taking artwork designed by your children and having it displayed on PVC coasters, key chains, custom coins, patches, magnets and more. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider getting your school or youth group involved with this type of fundraiser through Pinsource:


  • It’s a great money maker. Parents love buying items that feature artwork made by their children. This makes it a very effective fundraiser.
  • The kids love it. Kids love seeing their own art put onto products like magnets, shirts and coasters. It’s a cool feeling for them to see something they created put into a product that they or their parents use around the house on an everyday basis.
  • Quick deliveries. If your organization is in a time crunch, Pinsource can work with you to turn around your order in a quick, efficient manner.
  • Great customer service. You can obtain a quote for your delivery simply by filling out a form on our website, and we’ll get back to you quickly with an estimate for the project. We also keep lines of communication open at all times throughout the process of fulfilling and delivering the order so you are kept in the loop about our progress.


Have any more questions about how we can work with your school or organization on this type of fundraiser? Contact us today for more information; we’re happy to help you in any way we can!

Consider Using Pinsource Products for Your Next Fundraiser!

At Pinsource, we have a wide variety of products available that could be perfect items to sell for your next fundraiser. The prices we offer for our products make them perfect for re-selling. Whatever type of product you choose, you will be able to find items that are perfect for raising awareness about your organization or cause.

Here are some of the products we offer that are particularly common for use as fundraiser items:

  • Book marks with soft enamel. These gold or silver nickel-plated book mark can have up to four different soft enamel colors, with the design on one side. They measure 2.25″ x .75″ and are great items to add to any small sale or fundraiser effort. After all, who doesn’t need a bookmark?
  • Lapel pins. Most people purchasing pins for their fundraisers specifically prefer our hard enamel pins, nickel plated. Choose from up to four different hard enamel colors and select a military clutch back. These pins are durable and also fairly cheap to manufacture, meaning that you can purchase them in large numbers and resell them at your leisure.
  • Wristbands. Wristbands are a particularly popular choice for organizations attempting to raise awareness about illness or other causes. For example, many people are familiar with the yellow “LiveStrong” wristbands that were popularized by cyclist Lance Armstrong to help raise awareness of cancer. If your cause has a particular color associated with it, or if you would just like to create a band with a unique design or your organization’s logo, Pinsource is pleased to assist you.
  • Magnets. People love having magnets to decorate their refrigerators or filing cabinets, so consider designing magnets unique to your organization and reselling them as part of your fundraising efforts.
  • Ornaments. If you do a lot of fundraising around the holiday season, Christmas ornaments are a great fundraising choice. Lots of people will be buying ornaments as it is, but if they see that they can help your organization by purchasing these ornaments then they will be likely to buy them.

Talk to a Pinsource representative today for more information about the products we have available and how they can help you with your next fundraiser.