Consider Using Pinsource Products for Your Next Fundraiser!

At Pinsource, we have a wide variety of products available that could be perfect items to sell for your next fundraiser. The prices we offer for our products make them perfect for re-selling. Whatever type of product you choose, you will be able to find items that are perfect for raising awareness about your organization or cause.

Here are some of the products we offer that are particularly common for use as fundraiser items:

  • Book marks with soft enamel. These gold or silver nickel-plated book mark can have up to four different soft enamel colors, with the design on one side. They measure 2.25″ x .75″ and are great items to add to any small sale or fundraiser effort. After all, who doesn’t need a bookmark?
  • Lapel pins. Most people purchasing pins for their fundraisers specifically prefer our hard enamel pins, nickel plated. Choose from up to four different hard enamel colors and select a military clutch back. These pins are durable and also fairly cheap to manufacture, meaning that you can purchase them in large numbers and resell them at your leisure.
  • Wristbands. Wristbands are a particularly popular choice for organizations attempting to raise awareness about illness or other causes. For example, many people are familiar with the yellow “LiveStrong” wristbands that were popularized by cyclist Lance Armstrong to help raise awareness of cancer. If your cause has a particular color associated with it, or if you would just like to create a band with a unique design or your organization’s logo, Pinsource is pleased to assist you.
  • Magnets. People love having magnets to decorate their refrigerators or filing cabinets, so consider designing magnets unique to your organization and reselling them as part of your fundraising efforts.
  • Ornaments. If you do a lot of fundraising around the holiday season, Christmas ornaments are a great fundraising choice. Lots of people will be buying ornaments as it is, but if they see that they can help your organization by purchasing these ornaments then they will be likely to buy them.

Talk to a Pinsource representative today for more information about the products we have available and how they can help you with your next fundraiser.

A Glossary of Necessary Pinsource Definitions

Indian Motorcycle Custom Lapel Pin

Indian Motorcycle Custom Lapel Pin

As you browse the Pinsource website looking for the perfect pin, wristband, key chain or lanyard for your next order, you’re likely to come across a wide variety of terms that you may or may not be familiar with. These terms are used to describe how all of our products are made, and each of them has some slight differences that you might not be aware of if you don’t know much about these processes.

Here are some definitions that may be helpful to you in your Pinsource browsing:

• Cast: Die casting involves taking molten metal and pouring it into a carved out die, also known as a mold. This method offers a great deal of detail in metal products.
Die struck: To create a die-struck product, the manufacturer uses a die to push an image into a soft metal, such as gold or brass. The die has contours and recesses in it that create the image when the metal is pushed into it. While the level of detail in a die-struck product isn’t quite as deep as in casting, it is still an effective way of creating patterns and designs in metal.
• Embossing: The simple stamping of an image directly on to a material such as leather, suede or paper. The image then rises above the surface of the object that gets embossed.
• Engraving: The cutting of a design or lettering on a material, such as glass, wood or metal to give a permanent imprint.
Etching: The product gets coated with a special acid-resistant solution in a special pattern. When the image is exposed on the product, the exposed metal gets attacked by the acid, leaving the etched pattern behind on the surface.
• Laminating: The process of coating an item with a layer of clear plastic. Paper can also be laminated by sticking it between two plastic sheets and running it through a laminating machine.
• Photo etched: This specific type of etching involves taking an illustration, picture or document and imprinting it on to metal with acid, then sealing it for protection.

If you have any other questions about any of the terms you see on the Pinsource website, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

Ways to Use Custom Wristbands for Marketing

At Pinsource, we have a wide variety of custom silicon wristbands available for all our customers. These wristbands come in sizes for both adults and children and can be printed in traditional molded styles. There are  plenty of options for customization, including custom shapes, widths, texts, colors and more.

The most popular use for these wristbands is for marketing purposes. Chances are you’ve seen the “LIVESTRONG” wristbands made popular by Lance Armstrong in the early 2000s. After the success of those bands, many other organizations and companies realized the potential of these wristbands as marketing devices. They are inexpensive to make and order, simple to make, fun to wear and are a great way to show unity with a group or a cause.

BracHere are some ideas you might consider to use our Pinsource silicon wristbands for your business or organization:


  • Giveaways at trade shows. Every time you have a booth at a trade show you need something to give away. Chances are that people are going to lose something like a pen or a sticker, but if you give out wristbands, they’ll be able to slip the wristband on and have it stick with them for the duration of the event.
  • Giveaways to employees. If you give all of your employees company wristbands, you can encourage them to wear them at company events or to give wristbands out to friends, family or others that they see on a regular basis. This builds unity and helps spread awareness of your brand.
  • Available on location. If you have a storefront, you can have a container of these bracelets available at the check-out counter for any shoppers to grab and take with them if they choose.
  • Wear at events. If your business ever has any events out in the public, it’s a good idea to have anyone with your company wearing one of these wristbands to identify them as being with your company and to further your brand image.


These are just a few ideas of how you can use our custom wristbands for your business. If you have any further questions about our wristbands, please feel free to contact us today at Pinsource. We look forward to speaking with you!