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Sparks Sports Pin

One of the most common uses for pins is to create team pins for sports. Pinsource is extremely active in the development of team pins, and even is the official pin supplier to Cooperstown Baseball World, a huge baseball tournament for children that has been a Little League Mecca for more than a decade now.

There are many reasons that people choose to order sports-related pins. These include:

• Collectible. Pins are highly collectible, especially if they feature team logos or other team-related designs. Collectors try to get their hands on as many unique pins as possible, and will even trade with other collectors to make sure they can get all the pins they’re looking for. It’s very much like trading baseball or football cards.

• Team membership. Some teams order pins to give to members as a sign of their membership. Getting their team pin becomes a sort of rite of passage for new team members.

• Tournament pins. Many tournaments order pins that are specifically designed for that tournament to give to all of the teams and athletes that participate.

• Championship pins. Some teams order pins to commemorate championships, or tournaments will give special pins to their champions.

• Professional team pins for fans. Professional sports teams like to find different types of memorabilia that their fans will enjoy, and pins are a common item that you’ll find at team pro shops. Many people enjoy wearing pins to display their fandom while out and about or while at games, and some people simply enjoy collecting them and displaying them at home.

The sports pins that you order can include any sport, including baseball ,football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer, tennis, track, cheerleading and more. Many people order these pins for events, competitions, fundraising or free giveaways.

There are plenty of options available for you to customize these pins as you place your order. Browse our custom lapel pin options for more information, or contact us today at Pinsource to speak to a representative, who will help you to fulfill your needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

Why Should I Choose Lapel Pins?

Kodiak Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

On first glance, it might seem odd that we at Pinsource have chosen to put a lot of focus on our line of quality lapel pins. But there are many reasons why people and organizations of all backgrounds choose to order and wear lapel pins.

Here are some of the major reasons:

Lapel pins help to establish a sense of identity.

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, a small business or a large firm, a single message or logo that is embodied in a lapel pin that everyone in the brand wears helps to create unity and brand identity. It makes a brand look more confident and capable when such unity is present, and instills a sense of trust in customers as well as pride and spirit in team members and employees.

Lapel pins help others recognize who you are.

Just like a badge or embroidered logo on a shirt, lapel pins are a great way to recognize members of organizations and companies. This is especially great for more formal, business-oriented settings where everyone will be wearing suit jackets rather than company tee shirts or jackets. All you need to do is pin it on your lapel and you turn your jacket into a walking advertisement for your brand. The more people who see your employees wearing these pins, the more recognition you will receive.

Lapel pins are a great way to recognize others for their achievements.

Lapel pins are a traditional and classy way to recognize people for years of service or for specific accomplishments. This helps to build an employee’s pride in his or her organization. It can also be a great way to reward fans for their participation in competitions run by the organization.

Lapel pins help to show your appreciation for team members.

It’s extremely important that you do everything you can to keep morale high in your workplace. By giving these pins to your employees, you show them that you truly appreciate what they do for your organization and encourage them to continue to keep up that high level of work.

Check out our selection of lapel pins today on Pinsource and help expand your business’s brand identity!

How Schools Can Use Lapel Pins to Reward Achievements

The academic environment is driven by personal achievement. Most schools define success through the various academic accomplishments, sports achievements and special accolades earned by both educators and students. A lapel pin can be a great way of showing recognition for a job well done, as well as providing an effective means of getting the word out on some of your school’s various successes.

Pins can be used to identify a student’s affiliation with various school clubs and organizations. This allows students to proudly show off their individual contributions to their school’s extracurricular activities, from helping to coordinate the school newspaper or yearbook, to actively engaging in athletics programs.

A lapel pin can also be used for more than just extracurricular groups. They are an excellent way to honor high academic standing, perfect attendance or placement in advanced courses. These types of rewards can help incentivize academic accomplishments in a meaningful and exciting way.

Things like grade point average and attendance rates are fairly abstract, and it can be hard to get students to understand or even care about their significance. By offering students a tangible token of achievement, you can greatly improve their level of involvement in such academic goals.

Pins are not just a great way of recognizing student achievement—they also work as an excellent reward system for teachers, as well. The success of educators directly translates to success for students, and it‘s important to motivate and encourage educators for outstanding achievement. Recognition pins for educators may include years of service pins, awards for participation and administration of school programs and extracurricular activities, recognition of extraordinary student success or honors for continuing academic achievement.

Custom lapel pins make great sports pins for showing school pride during athletic events and other school functions. These pins are highly collectable, and can serve as lasting mementos for students throughout their lives.

There’s no better way to advertise the various accomplishments of your school and its students than through the use of custom lapel pins. These pins are inexpensive and attractive ways of showing off the various accomplishments of your students and faculty.

If you’d like help recognizing anyone in your life you can email us at or call us anytime at 800.678.9288.


Celebrating Life Events with a Lapel Pin

How many times have you been browsing through your old photos and caught yourself wondering, “Now when was that taken?” Such as this gem I found of my wife.

Unfortunately, celebrations tend to be momentary—once they’re over and done with, the memories fade, and before long it’s like they never even happened. The common take-home items from birthdays, retirement parties and anniversaries are usually food, candles or other perishable items. These things are either eaten, expire or get used up, leaving you with nothing to remember the event in the years to come. That is, unless your honeymoon is slightly intereupted by Tsunami evacutations. We will always remember that!


Custom lapel pins are a great way to keep a true memento of your life’s most important events, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and a wide range of other significant milestones. Having lapel pins made for these life events can give you something to hold onto long after the fun is over.

Lapel pins can capture the spirit of your special events. You can have your pins printed with custom imagery significant to the event. You can have custom lapel pins stamped with the date of the event. Custom lapel pins can be made with colors to match any given theme for your events, or may even contain phrases or inside jokes pertinent to the affair.

The best thing about lapel pins is that they can become a sort of living record of annual events. You can adjust the design of your birthday or anniversary pins from year to year to highlight specific changes that have occurred in your life. You can have semiprecious stones inserted to mark each year that passes following an important event, like the day you were married. Each year can be a different stone. Like your marriage, the pins will increase in value with each year.

When you are ordering custom lapel pins, you’re only limited by your imagination. You can have pins made in any color, style or shape to depict exactly what you want. Whether you wish to celebrate with a large group of people, or have something more exclusive in mind, you can tailor the size of your order to get just the right amount of pins for any occasion.

It might not be obvious, but custom lapel pins are one of the best ways to truly remember the events and milestones that help shape our lives.

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The Multi-Step Process Used to Create Lapel Pins

One a recent trip to visit one of our lapel pin factories, I got to experience firsthand how each custom pin is created!

Creating a custom lapel pin is a highly detailed process that involves many steps from original concept to completion. To give you an idea of how the process works, here is a brief overview of what it takes to create a lapel pin.

First, a die must be made to stamp an exact representation of your design onto a sheet of metal. This die is an inverted version of the finished design layout. It is pressed into a sheet of metal, stamping your image into its surface.

Cutting dies must then be made to cut your pin out in the exact shape you desire. Depending on the complexity of your pin design, these can range from simple shapes to highly detailed outlines of the image that will be featured on your custom lapel pin.

Once your design is cut out of the sheet of metal, the pin backing must be soldered onto each piece.

At this point, your pin can be plated with the metal finish of your choosing. The metal is then thoroughly cleaned and polished to bring it to the desired shine.

For enamel pins, soft enamel is applied by hand through the use of a variety of small syringes. A unique syringe is used to apply each color to the pin’s surface. A great amount of care and attention to detail is needed to achieve the desired result, and this step requires a steady hand and precision application. Any excess enamel must be carefully cleaned from metal surfaces where it is not desired.

Once the enamel has been applied, the pins must be baked at around 450 degrees F for 12-15 minutes. This allows the enamel to harden, giving it the characteristic look and feel of a custom enamel lapel pin.

After the pins have cooled, an optional clear epoxy coating can be applied to the colored surface to prevent scratching and wear. This epoxy helps to give the appearance of depth to the pin’s image, and can help the detail of your design stand out.

Through these steps, your design can go from concept to a fully completed pin. At Pinsource, we exercise the utmost care and precision throughout the pin construction process, ensuring that you get only the best possible results from your custom lapel pin order. That’s because when you order from Pinsource, you are guaranteed quality.




PVC: Truly Unique & 3D Lapel Pins





PVC lapel pins bring a splash of color to any occasion. A material that can be used to achieve a variety of colors and complex 3D shapes, PVC is the perfect medium for bringing your unique design ideas to life—from corporate logos and professional needs to caricatures and complex artistic designs.

The process by which PVC pins are made is fairly simple and straightforward, and can accomplish stunning results. A mold is made of your original design, and PVC is layered into the mold to achieve the desired color distribution and relief. Unlike other processes, PVC molding can render a fully three-dimensional image with as much or as little detail as you require.


The PVC material used in the creation of custom lapel pins comes in a variety of colors. Using the Pantone Matching System (PMS), we can achieve virtually any color profile you need, giving you an accurate representation of any logo or image you wish to construct. PVC even comes in neon, transparent, sparkly and glow-in-the-dark varieties, making the possibilities for your PVC lapel pins virtually endless.

The versatility offered by the PMS system allows us to effectively recreate designs and logos with a high degree of accuracy. This makes PVC an excellent material for creating promotional pins for corporate events. Using PVC is a great way of making sure your image comes out exactly right, down to color and degree of relief. Corporate logos often serve as a large source of pride for individuals in that company, and PVC is a great way of ensuring the most accurate representation of a logo while achieving exact color matching and image layout.

PVC pins are flexible and durable, allowing them to assume heavy wear and tear before breaking or permanently deforming. The wear resistance of PVC, coupled with its ability to accurately capture the likenesses of cartoonish characters, makes it the ideal material to use when creating pins for children. Custom PVC pins can also make for a great way to celebrate a child’s developmental milestones or scholastic achievements, or they can be made just for the fun of it.

With PVC, there are practically no limitations to what you can put on your custom lapel pins. The only real limit is your imagination.

Give PinSource a call today at 800.678.9288 to make your PVC pin dreams a reality


PinSource Celebrates its 27th Anniversary in the Custom Lapel Pin Business


The PinSource Story

April will mark the 27th year PinSource has been in the custom lapel pin business. During that time, we’ve designed lapel pins for companies big and small. The pins we design are made to be both collectable and highly recognizable, and we make sure that our customers get the greatest value possible out of our high-quality products

A division of SUI International, Ltd., a company that works to build brands and enhance corporate images worldwide, PinSource is committed to helping our customers put their best “face” forward. In addition to its internal branding divisions, SUI has close operational ties to suppliers of all sorts of branding materials. SUI and PinSource are fully devoted to their clientele’s promotions, and have the global resources to bring the results you need—regardless of the industry or the type of brand your represent.

Our custom lapel pins add resonance to company branding efforts through three important features: they are small and easily worn, they are eye catching and they help forge a strong recognition of branding images. Also, lapel pins add the commonly missing human element to corporate branding efforts. Instead of perceiving a corporation as a faceless entity, lapel pins allow customers to associate brand logos with the individuals wearing them.

PinSource has grown to become an internationally renowned manufacturer of lapel pins, with offices and locations across the globe. We maintain close connections to the manufacturing and distributing ends of our operation, making sure that our customers get their orders filled in exactly the manner and time frame expected.

Our list of clients has included some of the largest brands in the world, as well as some of the smallest businesses. We work to provide the greatest level of satisfaction to all of our customers, no matter the size of the order.

At PinSource, we want to help your branding and promotional efforts, whether you are ordering from us as an individual or as a corporate entity. We create custom lapel pins for all sorts of occasions, including sports pins, recognition pins, years of service pins, promotional pins or any other event or occasion in which you might need to create a pin. At PinSource, your satisfaction matters!

Give us a call today 800.678.9288, or email us at to see why we’ve been around for so long!

The Detail and Precision Offered by Die Struck Lapel Pins



Die struck lapel pins are the perfect way to incorporate a great level of detail and precision into your pin design. The perfection that can be achieved through the die stamping process can convey a great deal of intricacy without the image appearing too cluttered. This is because the three-dimensional quality of the metal allows the eye to distinguish between the finer elements in the image, making it clearer than a two-dimensional representation.


The fact that die struck lapel pins are three dimensional creates some interesting shading options. The finish on these pins may vary with the depth of the stamping, creating a heightened illusion of relief and bringing out the detail of your design even further. Most often, the deeper areas are given an antiqued finish, while the shallower areas take on a high polish. Combined with the three-dimensional quality of the metal, the finish embellishes the difference between the depths of material, which gives finished lapel pins much finer detail.


The die stamping process is fairly simple and straightforward. A die is created bearing an inverted relief version of the final image, which is stamped into your choice of metal. The die presses the inverted image into the metal, leaving an imprint of the final image.


Die stamping is preferred over other methods of creating custom lapel pins, as many other processes, like cloisonné, require the metal to have a rather high lead content. Not only is it unhealthy to have continuous contact with lead, but it is also a very heavy metal, which can distress clothing when worn. Die struck lapel pins can be made out of a wider range of lead-free metals, making them comfortable and safe for any purpose.


Die struck lapel pins make for an excellent way to celebrate special occasions. At PinSource, we can create pins for any type of event, including sports pins, recognition pins, years of service pins or promotional giveaway items. Whatever sort of die struck pin you require, PinSource is where you can turn.

Give us a call today, 1-800-678-9288 or email us at


When thinking about the style of custom lapel pin to purchase there are design limitations with each style. This discussion is on hard enamel custom lapel pins.

For hard enamel lapel pins there needs to be a thin line of metal separating each color. The lines keep the enamels from mixing and allow the details of the design to take shape. When the enamel colors are applied into the recessed areas the color it is overfilled. After each color is applied the enamels need to cure to harden. The curing process takes 2 – 4 hours. Colors are applied using hypodermic needles and pneumatic pressure. Todays enamels can be color matched to colors listed in the Pantone Matching System. This is a numerical reference to thousands of colors.

Once all the colors have been cured the next process is referred to “stoning”. This process is a rough polishing and smooths the over filled enamel. The purpose for the overfilling allows the final product to have a smooth surface. A finer polishing is the next process followed by plating. Standard electroplate metals includes gold, nickel (silver metal) and black nickel. Over the surface of the enamel we can screen print small details in the design that are too small to in fill. These include drop shadows, outlines, personalized names, years of service and text.

When I first started in the custom lapel pin business there were 2 options for the type of hard enamel. Synthetic hard enamel and Aoki enamels. Aoki enamels were very difficult to apply. The material was applied as wet powder. Aoki compounds are composed of glass-like material combined with metal oxides and clay into fine powder. Cloisonne powder cannot be mixed like paints or soft enamel, as each color returns to its own shade after heating. Colors are fired one at a time at 1,600F for two to four minutes to stabilize the enamel and prevent color bleeding. Each piece is fully cooled. Finishing is by rubbing the surface with a carborundum stone until all excess color has been worn away. Surface is then polished until smooth and shining. The color palate is limited to less than 300 colors. These types of enamels contained levels of lead which exceeded current CPSIA regulations for jewelry.

The base metal for these types of custom lapel pins was either copper or brass. The design was stamped into the relatively soft metal and another stamping/cutting tool was used to cut the pin to shape.Very complicated designs, designs with internal cut outs and pin on pin designs were very difficult to produce. The stamping process had to be exact so each piece in the production run fit the same. From first piece to last they all needed to be the same. As designs became more complicated the injection mold process evolved becoming a more popular choice. Present day injection mold zinc alloy eliminates the higher scrap rates and is better suited for complicated designs with multiple levels.


This is the first of weekly entries about PinSource, our people and the product we sell everyday.

My first memory of lapel pins was in the late 1950’s with my dad collecting political campaign pins (among his many collecting favorites). The Kennedy/Nixon campaign was the beginning. As a rare book librarian he collected a variety of things that including mystery novels, stamps and even butterflies and sherry glasses.

It all begins with the design!

Usually, a client already has the first component in the design process with the organization or business logo. The next step is to add the text or a graphic that helps describes the reason for the lapel pin. They simply need help putting all that together into a graphic design. This is one area where PinSource excels; developing creative designs that fit the customers budget, time line and purpose.

For many customers seeing actual pin styles in there hands is a real benefit. PinSource has available a custom lapel pin sample card. It offers very clear descriptions with examples of the standard types of lapel pins. This is sent free of charge along with our full color catalog upon requests.

When thinking about the design for a custom lapel pin ask …
1. Who will receive the lapel pins?
2. What is the purpose of giving the lapel pin?
3. Should local icons or monuments be included in the design?
4. For baseball trading pins, should the design include crossed baseball bats or players numbers?

The process to create the custom design can be a matter of minutes to several days. Its not uncommon to have have several revisions before the final option is approved. This is part of customer service at PinSource. We’re the only lapel pin company with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back pledge!

For retail customers and souvenir shops we’ve designed entire series of products around a central theme that can include custom lapel pins, key chains, magnets and patches.

Next weeks posting will be on the many styles of custom lapel pins and why one style maybe better choice than another.