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Sparks Sports Pin

One of the most common uses for pins is to create team pins for sports. Pinsource is extremely active in the development of team pins, and even is the official pin supplier to Cooperstown Baseball World, a huge baseball tournament for children that has been a Little League Mecca for more than a decade now.

There are many reasons that people choose to order sports-related pins. These include:

• Collectible. Pins are highly collectible, especially if they feature team logos or other team-related designs. Collectors try to get their hands on as many unique pins as possible, and will even trade with other collectors to make sure they can get all the pins they’re looking for. It’s very much like trading baseball or football cards.

• Team membership. Some teams order pins to give to members as a sign of their membership. Getting their team pin becomes a sort of rite of passage for new team members.

• Tournament pins. Many tournaments order pins that are specifically designed for that tournament to give to all of the teams and athletes that participate.

• Championship pins. Some teams order pins to commemorate championships, or tournaments will give special pins to their champions.

• Professional team pins for fans. Professional sports teams like to find different types of memorabilia that their fans will enjoy, and pins are a common item that you’ll find at team pro shops. Many people enjoy wearing pins to display their fandom while out and about or while at games, and some people simply enjoy collecting them and displaying them at home.

The sports pins that you order can include any sport, including baseball ,football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer, tennis, track, cheerleading and more. Many people order these pins for events, competitions, fundraising or free giveaways.

There are plenty of options available for you to customize these pins as you place your order. Browse our custom lapel pin options for more information, or contact us today at Pinsource to speak to a representative, who will help you to fulfill your needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

Why Should I Choose Lapel Pins?

Kodiak Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

On first glance, it might seem odd that we at Pinsource have chosen to put a lot of focus on our line of quality lapel pins. But there are many reasons why people and organizations of all backgrounds choose to order and wear lapel pins.

Here are some of the major reasons:

Lapel pins help to establish a sense of identity.

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, a small business or a large firm, a single message or logo that is embodied in a lapel pin that everyone in the brand wears helps to create unity and brand identity. It makes a brand look more confident and capable when such unity is present, and instills a sense of trust in customers as well as pride and spirit in team members and employees.

Lapel pins help others recognize who you are.

Just like a badge or embroidered logo on a shirt, lapel pins are a great way to recognize members of organizations and companies. This is especially great for more formal, business-oriented settings where everyone will be wearing suit jackets rather than company tee shirts or jackets. All you need to do is pin it on your lapel and you turn your jacket into a walking advertisement for your brand. The more people who see your employees wearing these pins, the more recognition you will receive.

Lapel pins are a great way to recognize others for their achievements.

Lapel pins are a traditional and classy way to recognize people for years of service or for specific accomplishments. This helps to build an employee’s pride in his or her organization. It can also be a great way to reward fans for their participation in competitions run by the organization.

Lapel pins help to show your appreciation for team members.

It’s extremely important that you do everything you can to keep morale high in your workplace. By giving these pins to your employees, you show them that you truly appreciate what they do for your organization and encourage them to continue to keep up that high level of work.

Check out our selection of lapel pins today on Pinsource and help expand your business’s brand identity!

How Schools Can Use Lapel Pins to Reward Achievements

The academic environment is driven by personal achievement. Most schools define success through the various academic accomplishments, sports achievements and special accolades earned by both educators and students. A lapel pin can be a great way of showing recognition for a job well done, as well as providing an effective means of getting the word out on some of your school’s various successes.

Pins can be used to identify a student’s affiliation with various school clubs and organizations. This allows students to proudly show off their individual contributions to their school’s extracurricular activities, from helping to coordinate the school newspaper or yearbook, to actively engaging in athletics programs.

A lapel pin can also be used for more than just extracurricular groups. They are an excellent way to honor high academic standing, perfect attendance or placement in advanced courses. These types of rewards can help incentivize academic accomplishments in a meaningful and exciting way.

Things like grade point average and attendance rates are fairly abstract, and it can be hard to get students to understand or even care about their significance. By offering students a tangible token of achievement, you can greatly improve their level of involvement in such academic goals.

Pins are not just a great way of recognizing student achievement—they also work as an excellent reward system for teachers, as well. The success of educators directly translates to success for students, and it‘s important to motivate and encourage educators for outstanding achievement. Recognition pins for educators may include years of service pins, awards for participation and administration of school programs and extracurricular activities, recognition of extraordinary student success or honors for continuing academic achievement.

Custom lapel pins make great sports pins for showing school pride during athletic events and other school functions. These pins are highly collectable, and can serve as lasting mementos for students throughout their lives.

There’s no better way to advertise the various accomplishments of your school and its students than through the use of custom lapel pins. These pins are inexpensive and attractive ways of showing off the various accomplishments of your students and faculty.

If you’d like help recognizing anyone in your life you can email us at or call us anytime at 800.678.9288.