Specialty Pins from Pinsource

CA Athletics Pin


Sometimes we have customers who come to us with a truly unique design for a lapel pin, and they tell us that they want to make a big impression. This is where our expertise comes in handy! Our experienced team has the ability to fulfill all of your needs for specialty pins, including danglers, bobbles, lights and more. They are particularly great for pin-trading events or corporate trade shows, where a first impression is key. Many customers choose to include cards that have more information to get paired with pins that they give away.

Here are some of the types of specialty pins that we create:

Danglers. On a dangler, you have the main pin design with spots where you can hook on smaller, dangling pins. These are a great idea for companies to have their corporate logo as the main pin, and have danglers for special positions, years of service, achievements and more.

Bobbles. Bobble head pins feature two different pins that get held together by one spring. One pin gets affixed to your clothing, and the other moves freely on the end of the spring. These are a fun type of pin to use as a give-away.

Pins with lights. Want your pin to stand out right away? We make pins with blinking lights to guarantee that it will be seen from across the room. Choose to add one light or many depending on the design you’re looking for.

Pin-on-pin. Add another dimension to your pins by layering them. The plating and color combinations you use can truly help your pin to stand out.

Stones. Adding stones to your pin can create a very luxurious and special appearance. This is a great option for pins that will be given to people for special commemorations. We offer both synthetic and genuine stones of varying types, colors and sizes.

Years of service. Create pins with blank areas where we can engage years of service. These pins are great to give to loyal employees as a gesture of thanks for all they have done.

For design questions or any other information about our specialty pins, contact us today at Pinsource!

Why Should I Choose Lapel Pins?

Kodiak Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

On first glance, it might seem odd that we at Pinsource have chosen to put a lot of focus on our line of quality lapel pins. But there are many reasons why people and organizations of all backgrounds choose to order and wear lapel pins.

Here are some of the major reasons:

Lapel pins help to establish a sense of identity.

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, a small business or a large firm, a single message or logo that is embodied in a lapel pin that everyone in the brand wears helps to create unity and brand identity. It makes a brand look more confident and capable when such unity is present, and instills a sense of trust in customers as well as pride and spirit in team members and employees.

Lapel pins help others recognize who you are.

Just like a badge or embroidered logo on a shirt, lapel pins are a great way to recognize members of organizations and companies. This is especially great for more formal, business-oriented settings where everyone will be wearing suit jackets rather than company tee shirts or jackets. All you need to do is pin it on your lapel and you turn your jacket into a walking advertisement for your brand. The more people who see your employees wearing these pins, the more recognition you will receive.

Lapel pins are a great way to recognize others for their achievements.

Lapel pins are a traditional and classy way to recognize people for years of service or for specific accomplishments. This helps to build an employee’s pride in his or her organization. It can also be a great way to reward fans for their participation in competitions run by the organization.

Lapel pins help to show your appreciation for team members.

It’s extremely important that you do everything you can to keep morale high in your workplace. By giving these pins to your employees, you show them that you truly appreciate what they do for your organization and encourage them to continue to keep up that high level of work.

Check out our selection of lapel pins today on Pinsource and help expand your business’s brand identity!

Case Study: How eSurance Rewards Employees with Pins

While the idea of giving out recognition pins has been around for a while, some modern companies are starting to use the old concept in an exciting new way.

eSurance, an online insurance company, has instituted a new employee incentive program for its elite division of insurance claims investigators called the Special Investigators Unit (SIU). This program offers employees unique lapel pins for completing difficult challenges in the workplace. The pins feature a die-struck design with an antique silver finish on the back, with a full-color print of the eSurance mascot on the front.

What makes this program unique is the way it’s managed. The company uses lapel pins to reward employees for meeting specific benchmarks. For employees working under this program, striving to earn these pins is a little bit like trying to unlock trophies and achievements in a videogame. It helps managers add a little excitement to the ordinary workday.

Rewarding employees with lapel pins is a great way to take an ordinary quota system and turn it into a stimulating competition. By offering a wide range of pins for various accomplishments, employers can keep better track of their employees’ job performance and create a fun incentive for meeting workplace goals.

For employees, these pins serve as a source of pride and offer a tangible record of their various professional accomplishments. A lot of companies have instituted additional incentive programs by establishing currency based on recognition pins and coins. By earning a certain number of die-struck coins or pins, employees can be afforded special privileges or trade them in for various rewards.

Lapel pins are an excellent motivator for a wide range of employee accomplishments. They can be used to reward employees for meeting or exceeding sales quotas or completing difficult tasks or projects. They can also recognize employees for their years of service to an organization.

With the range of applications being limited only by employers’ imaginations, it’s a sure bet that we’ll be seeing other companies following in eSurance’s example by leveraging the power of lapel pins to increase employee engagement and performance.